The Breukelen Life

The Breukelen Life

Food, Yoga and Travel in Brooklyn

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February 4, 2011

Welcome to my new blog “The Breukelen Life.” I hope to kick this blog off with lots of photos, reviews for restaurants and Brooklyn only products and thoughts about living in this borough that has become kind of a hippie commune and a small 1950’s suburb in one. It’s a really interesting time to be in Brooklyn and I am so happy to be here.

My previous blog, agrandmalivesinbrooklyn, was around for 4 years. I worked on recipes and had a hard time keeping up with it as much as I cooked. Fancy things take lots of fancy precious time that I didn’t always have. Having recently moved into my own apartment I decided it was time to start fresh.  ‘A Grandma…” was stuck in a time warp, in my old Sunset Park apartment (with a roommate) and no room to grow. Kind of like how I was. But now I’m here, in Park Slope (in my own place!) with room to stretch and I’m hoping my writing and my life can do the same.

“Why would I want to read your blog?” You ask.

I could tell you I love food, but I live in Brooklyn and I’m a woman so that’s kind of an easy generalization. Never mind, I’ll tell you anyways. I love food. And I am more than happy to be one of the million growing foodies within the small radius of my new neighborhood. I like to make my own bread and brew my own kombucha. I make a mean red velvet cake, I love getting my milk from the farmers market and I rarely buy food that’s not from within 500 miles.

And I’m hoping that I can put a twist on all of these things and more that makes them accessible. Food is intimidating and going to different places can sometimes be a hair-raising experience, especially if you are alone. One of my goals for the New Year, in addition to flossing every day, is to start immersing myself into the social part of this food culture a little bit.  Alone. I will rarely be dragging friends with me in hopes to meet new friends. It’s nerve-wracking and I’m hoping you’ll come on this journey with me. We’ll see what happens.


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