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A Nolita letdown and Korean BBQ

February 6, 2011 , ,

Last night, I took a rare Saturday trip out of Brooklyn to go into the city. Gasp! I know. Such scandal! But you would be surprised what effort it takes to get on the train on a Saturday. MTA delays combined with very confusing cold weather make the thought alone very unbearable. That’s why it usually takes very excellent friends and/or promises of unlimited beer and bourbon to get me out of my little weekend bubble of cooking and yoga. To be honest, usually, very excellent friends won’t even do it. But combined with Korean BBQ, I am on that train fast than one can say Bulgogi.

Since it was raining and gross, I figured street traffic would be at a minimum so I took a little extra time to check out the Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar. I had a Living Social coupon to use and needed some almond butter and tea. If you check out their website this looks like a very cool place! I was expecting almond butter varieties. Instead, I found one and it was the same one I get at the corner store, but $1 more. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. But nonetheless, I managed to spend my coupon on actual things that I needed. And this honey. That was $10. It’s kind of delicious so lets just say I needed it too.

Hamptons Honey

To cure my sad face over the mart I stopped my favorite cheese shop Di Palo’s. It just happened to be right next door! You would almost think I planned it. Sadly though, they were out of, and will be until next week, the hard provolone that I love. It comes in a wax coating and often has a little hunk of mold for good measure. And it is awesome.

Instead I got a smoked scamorza. If you have never had scamorza, it’s pretty amazing. Similar to mozzarella but a tad denser because it the curds are allowed to age and mature for several hours. It’s also a fun pear shape because cheese makers hang it to dry. I’ve never had the smoked, but it’s delicious. More subtle than a smoked Gouda although similar in texture and it has a slight tang that is missing from traditional mozzarella. It’s also made in house and you can’t beat that. I can’t wait to use it on pizza.

After all that I was kind of tired but trudged up to midtown anyways. We hit up Madangsui, which is hailed as being one of the best Korean BBQs in the city. This just means that the NYT wrote about it and now a lot of white people eat there telling a lot of other white people how great it is. I’m still faithful to Seoul Garden, but the Madangsui Dweji-Bul-Go-Gl (spicy pork) was incredible. We got the meat platter, which also came with BulGogi and spicy chicken, but the pork was the real standout. So much so, that we ordered a second plate. Same with the kimchi pancake. The service was also friendly, helpful and fast, which was very unusual. But of course, it’s the company you keep that really matters and I hope to be keeping that company for a long time.

After many bourbons later, I made it home and my pork-filled belly sung me to a deep sleep while the snow outside dripped into oblivion.


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