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A Caramel Concoction Disappoints

February 8, 2011 , ,

(Once a week I will be reviewing a product from the Brooklyn Flea. I’m a little late on the Flea bandwagon but man, am I happy I finally jumped on. The variety of food available is incredible and I am looking for an excuse to work my way through it. But because I’m on a diet (both food and monetary) (sad I know), I will be limiting myself to one good yummy thing a week.)

This week, I zeroed in on the Liddabit Sweets’ table. I’ve heard good rumbling about this hand crafted confections line and my awesome fruit delivery service Basis just started selling their goods. Albeit, at a highly marked up price. Eek! Needless to say, I was eager to give something a shot, especially since it was cheaper than Basis.

I jumped on the caramel corn, which is boasted as being the caramel corn, unlike any you’ve ever had before. First, let me say, I love popcorn and I love popcorn shops. My vacation buddy and I are not above driving up to Vermont (or wherever) and spending the weekend in the hotel room with a tub of popcorn in between each of our legs while we watch a marathon of Law and Order. Popcorn is delicious and a small town is not worth visiting if they don’t have a popcorn shop. My love for popcorn runs DEEP.

With that in mind, on to the review!

A bag of Liddabit popcorn will run you $4 at the flea, $8.50 through their website and $10 if you get it through Basis. I really hope it’s a bigger bag. I should have weighed mine. This is the description on the Liddabit site for the popcorn:

“You may think you’ve had caramel corn – but you’ve never had it like this. Made in small batches with crunchy, salty caramel, crispy honeycomb bits, and a generous drizzle of dark chocolate. Perfect for an afternoon at the movies. Comes in a shareable 7oz bag.”

As you can see, there is no generous drizzle of dark chocolate. If I’m going to get caramel popcorn with dark chocolate, I’m going to need there to be a good antioxidant dose of dark chocolate on there. Second of all, the coating of caramel was very thin. There was so little that the popcorn was actually a bit stale. At first glance it looks like there is plenty but once you dig in, it’s a different matter.

And sadly, the honeycombs were a disappointment. One was actually a bit soggy while the others “bits” were two times the size of a popcorn kernel and very sticky. I tried a few different methods for eating them. Chewing – no. A chew/dissolve – no. And just letting them dissolve – this worked best and it’s too bad I didn’t discover it until I was on the walk home. Note: walking around the Flea trying to dig honeycomb out of your teeth while looking at antiques is not cute.

Have you tried any Liddabit sweets? If so, what was your experience? I’m still itching to try the S’more candy bar but $7 seems like a reach for a candy bar I could eat in a second. I would much rather reach for the Mast Brothers $8.50 bar that I know will last me a good week or two.


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