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Cornelius – an oyster indulgence

February 9, 2011 , , ,

My restaurant buddy L and I only went to Cornelius because we had a Groupon. It’s kind of the reason we go anywhere these days. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a ton a places to eat in this town. As much as I am starting to dislike Groupon, it’s a great way to find out about new places. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you wish someone hit you with a jackhammer for eating at such a loser place. Lucky for us, Cornelius for the former, not the latter. We hadn’t hit a really good place in awhile and it was about time.

It was way to dark to take any pictures so I took this from their website.

This place was cute even though they do need to do something about the curtain shielding the door. It was freezing in there. Some people still had on their coats and just about everybody was wearing hats and scarves. The atmosphere was kind of typical: dim lighting, dark wood, surly staff, and candles that kept blowing out with the arctic winds blowing through the place. The patrons made it interesting though, everyone was friendly and ready to bond over the temperature.

On the food scale, this Prospect Heights gem fared well. The $1 oyster special all day, every day is pretty amazing. If the “average” Blue Point oyster doesn’t do it for you, you can select a fresh mix of East and West coast oysters for a little more money.

We went for a dozen Blue Points, which were incredible and gone in like 2.5 seconds. I’ve only recently started eating oysters and it turns out, they are an awesome way to warm up on a freezing cold night. L and I didn’t dip into the cocktails, but they look great. Developed by the minds from Soda Bar, Le Gamin of Prospect Heights, and Franklin Park, the bar boasts over 200 bottles of small distilleries. That’s quiet the collection. I went with my wine of choice of late, pinot noir.

For dinner we split the surf and turf Burger which was their house ground burger, topped with a fried hama hama oyster and bacon mayo. We were on such an oyster high by the time we rolled out of that place, I barely remember getting home. The burger was great, done perfectly and the oyster was an interesting topping, albeit a little tough to split between two. There were also lots of pickles, which we love, and a sturdy bun which so many places are failing to recognize as necessary. As for the bacon mayo, it is a great accent without overpowering the dish.

There isn’t a lot on the menu. The oysters seem to be the real star and you can’t really beat that deal. The basic dinner menu is speckled with sandwiches and salads. They also have daily specials laid out for the week on their menu.

We’ll be back in the spring, when it’s not so cold.


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Did they let you buy the $1 oysters with your groupon? We have one we have to use up and it says not valid for happy hour, but now that the $1 oysters are served all day we’re wondering if we can put it towards some mollusk-iciousness. Thanks!


February 12, 2011

They did, but we weren’t expecting it because the of the Groupon fine print. I guess since it’s an all day thing it’s alright? Our waitress was also a bit distracted….to say the least.


February 13, 2011

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