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Grocery Letdown – the Winter Blues

February 15, 2011

What is everyone eating these days? A trip to Union Market this weekend got me severely depressed. My usual winter mainstay of Satur Spinach was all gross looking and nearly frozen. I was seriously craving some asparagus but instead of “Crisp and Green” like the sign promised, it looked more like frozen peas shaped into asparagus.

I finally finished my way through my Costco bag of brussel sprouts from 2 weeks ago and those were seriously tasteless. The only good thing as of late seems to be mushrooms. I know, I know, there’s squash but my new ‘way of eating’ considers winter veggies to be a starch so that’s a bit limiting.

The only light in this dark, cold and frozen winter is the frozen veggies from Migliorelli Farm at the farmers market. And it doesn’t take long to get tired of frozen green beans.

Any recommendations for something fresh and delicious that’s also not from Chili or Peru?


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