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Bino, one of the best Italian places this side of the Gowanus.

February 16, 2011 ,

(Please note – I’m not going to be one of those weirdos who takes pictures of all the food she eats out and about. While, yes, this is probably important for blogging, my bag is already overloaded with my wallet, a kindle, my weekly nymag, a water bottle and other lady things that a lady carries around. Adding in my crappy digital camera that barely takes ok photos in the light (never mind what it does in the dark) isn’t going to help me and it’s certainly not going to help you. This may change once I get a good camera. Until then, I’ll be swiping photos from other sources. Always noted of course.)

image from NYmag

With that in mind, my review of Bino will be missing a few important elements. For instance, you will not be able to see the deliciousness of the white bean bruschetta, glistening with olive oil in the soft candle lit dining room. Nor will you be able to see my perfectly cooked cavettelli speckled with crisp broccoli rabe, generously coated with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Or will you be able to see L’s moist grilled chicken floating upon a soft pillow of goat cheese mashed potatoes.

For that, you will have to go see for yourself, because this place is worth the trip. And if you’re lucky like us, you’ll have a Groupon and be able to get $15 off your meal. This is the second good Groupon place in a month; we’re on a streak!


Bino started out as Po, sharing the name with the Manhattan location where Mario Batali was once head Chef. Well, like the New York mag review stated, “There is life after Batali.” Thank God, because I really can’t stand the guy. I loathe myself for shopping at Eatly as much as I do.

It was pretty busy on Saturday night, filled to the brim with couples for a pre-valentines day meal. And then there was L & I. As per usual, we focused on the couples that looked miserable and sat smugly sipping our delicious wine. In our defense, a lot of couples really do look miserable when out to dinner together. Why is that?

seriously - everyone kind of looked like this.

Despite busyness, the service was amicable. You could tell that the staff was a bit overwhelmed. We even heard someone ask why it was so busy. The owner came over a few times to check on us and the cheese guy was more than generous with the grated cheese, which I love. I hate when people judge me because I love a lot of cheese. It happens more than I would like to admit.

There’s an early bird, 3-course special for $28 available until 7pm. This is a bit pricey for me but not overall, decent for the quality and taste of what you are getting. Most of the dishes start at $18 and the wine $10. I was happy when our waiter gave us a “Brooklyn glass” which what we have termed an almost full glass of wine.

Overall this was a very nice dinner and we’re anxious to go back and try one or five of the other courses. For some reason, I don’t think I’ll be happy until I’ve had the Primi of Risotto Ai Funghi.

This is on our “must go back” list for sure.

Hours – Dinner: Mon. – Thurs. 5:30-11:00, Fri. – Sat. 5:30-11:30, Sun. 5:00-10:00 Brunch: Sat. – Sun. 11:30-4:00


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