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Itching for More: Scratchbread is my new Favorite

February 18, 2011 , , , ,

(Village Voice)

I’ve been indulging in Scratchbread just a little bit lately. Over the last summer I’ve heard lots about the man behind Scratch, his long hours in the middle of the night baking at Toby’s Public House and delivering his bread in the wee hours of the morning to vendors. I must try this bread I thought several times but living in Sunset Park, my ambitions for hunting things down was low. Clearly my ambition does not match this man’s. But now with the Flea so close (!) I’ve made it my weekend mission to march right up there while my laundry is going and grab myself some goodies.

Instead of trying to put the companies ideals in my own words, I’ll just give you the owner what he said in his own words.

“My intentions are basically to enhance a common set of ideals shared through food. This means food that is approachable, yet sophisticated, plain and simple and most importantly, absolutely delicious….A lifestyle, a living, breathing brand that only survives because, amazingly awesome people keep feeding me. There is only one thing I can really guarantee with words about SCRATCH however… Because the whole point of SCRATCH is that the proof is in the pudding… The guarantee is that once you’ve tried SCRATCH, every time you see, hear & taste something from SCRATCH, you’ll always know it was made from SCRATCH.”


While I’ve vowed to try different vendors at least once a week, I won’t lie, for the past three weeks I have also gone right in those doors, turns right and found myself faced with mounds of scones, focaccia and loads of other flaky savory pastries that often make me go “Hmmmm.” I’m infatuated with not only the product but also the brand (saying this word is probably one of the things that will give you a clue as to what I actually do). I do love the brown paper wrapping and this man’s Friday night tweet previews of the weekend offerings.

Just to give you an example of last weekend, in addition to the usual breads he also had “the DD” – date, Danish blue and steel cut oat scone, “the bleeding heart” – short bread with cinnamon and ancho chili and chai sticky buns.

Without even realizing it, I had all three specials plus a few other things in my hands before getting on the train to Queens last weekend. I had high hopes for good pictures taken with their SLR but after going for the $3 deal of coffee and a sticky bun and having the coffee spill all over the bag subsequently causing the bag to rip and tear, my dreams were dashed. (Get a better cup Crop to Cup!)

When I handed the then dried and crack wax bag to M she said, “This is so Brooklyn, did they make the bag like that?” Sigh. Before I knew it, I was playing with the boy, the treats were disappearing and then it was lunch and the treats were completely gone. No pictures taken. Sign again. Insert snarky comments about my dear borough here and there but those delicious, Brooklyn baked goods were gone a lot faster that you can say “I went to Queens on a Saturday.”

My heart immediately went to the blue cheese scone for the pure ingenious of it. Who would have thought that could be so delicious? I’m also dying to get the Chai sticky bun home, warmed up with ice cream on top BUT it never makes it that far. The regular offerings of scones include Bitter Chocolate & Dried Currant, Crystallized Ginger & Lemon and Candied Orange, Rosemary & Grey Salt. The scones are everything you could want in a scone – flakey, buttery, not yet a cake, not yet a croissant, the perfect crosshair. And to top it off, they are a reasonable size leaving you caloric room for lunch and dinner. What a concept.

I’m itching to try the savory muffin this coming weekend – a cross between and muffin and a popover. I’m also planning on getting a full loaf for my Sunday Supper club this weekend.

Stay tuned on twitter for updates on the Sensual Sunday Supper Club.


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