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Pizza Pie and stuff to do this weekend

February 24, 2011 , , , , ,

I’ve been struggling keeping to my planned schedule this week so please bear with me as I work out a few blogging kinks. It hasn’t helped that I’ve been mad busy with work. I was so tired last night that I forgot to turn up the thermostat before sleep. It was a balmy 63 in this bitch this morning.

Dinner out with my boss last night was my first meal out all week. But seeing as how it was at Millesime (and I won’t ever be able to afford eating there on my own) I won’t bother talking about the tower of raw seafood we hunkered down on and how awesome the oysters were and how the mussels were the meatiest, most tender mussels I have ever had. Plus it was with my boss, and I don’t like talking about work.

So, let’s move onto a few other Brooklyn related ramblings because that’s all I have today.

Tonight, M and I are making Broccoli Rabe, Potato, and Rosemary Pizza. I plan on topping off the meal with a few frozen, ready to bake chocolate chip cookies. (It’s been a busy week.) I’ll be back tomorrow with highlights from the pizza (and Gossip girl).

For now, I’ll leave you with a few upcoming events to think about.

Saturday and Sunday
Park Slope United Methodist Annual Book Sale

M and I have serious plans to hit this up. It was estimated that they amassed over 20,000 donated books last year. They then turn around and sell these books at ‘terrific prices’ to raise money for the church. Prices start at $1. If you can get there at 8am, there is a $10 early admission session. It is said that people are pushy and that the books are wonderful. I’m getting my elbow guards ready.

The Manhattan Slur – The Pony Bar

Slow Food NYC is hosting a monthly Happy Hour. You can meet and mingle with other “Slow Minded” people. (Sorry I love that.) The Pony Bar is a pretty awesome bar with a rotating list of over 20 domestic beers and two cask beers. It’s a hike (10th Ave. and 47th street) but if it’s anything like the Samuli! Lecture on Saturday, it will be a good time. The bar will also be sending out free appetizers.

Though April 10th
The Brooklyn Museum
Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera

I’m intrigued with this, so much that I may actually have to brave First Saturday next weekend to check it out. In the exhibition is a abundant collection of the photographs he used to orchestrate his paintings. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the Brooklyn Museum website so I haven’t seen their new comment section. Check it out. It’s kind of interesting for a museum to do this.

That’s it for today folks. SIGH


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