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A successful Saturday indeed!

February 28, 2011 ,

I had a pretty delicious weekend. Saturday started with the book sale, a refreshing walk to Fort Greene IN THE SUN, and brunch at No. 7. Walking home I somehow ended up at the Flea which enticed me to buy a few things from Perch! Ceramics and some Italian sausage at Brooklyn Cured. (More on the sausage later this week.) Then, I actually made it to yoga without losing my deep fried tofu all over my yoga mat and topped off the evening with a Pride and Prejudice and a piece of left over flourless chocolate cake from Sensual Sunday last weekend. Good lord what a day. What a delicious, delicious day, in all aspects.


Perch! is pretty cute. I’ve noticed these in the store at Food52.

Picture via Perch!

Love them but I know I would break off one of the toes during a rowdy dinner party and everything would be over. Anyways, I was completely enamored when I came across the table at the Flea market on Saturday. The clean designs and sparse table was such a breathe of fresh air in the otherwise crowded and kind of dusty flea.

When I stopped and stared, like I do with a lot of things at the Flea, the normal questions ran though my head:

“Do I need this?”

If the answer is yes, then I move onto

“Where will I put this?”


“What will I put in this?”

I systematically run through all three rooms in my apartment and if I can’t come up with anything, I look at it from a different angle and then start again. It’s an arduous process that has saved me lots of money. It’s also given me lots of weird looks from vendors but I’m sure there are worse than me. At least I have to believe so because if I don’t do this I would be sitting on a heap of old, refurbished wooden soda boxes instead of my couch.

Lately I’ve been trying to focus on my bedroom. Since I’ve moved, all of my resources have continually gone into the living room. This is mainly because I don’t have to share it with anyone, which means, I don’t spend the majority of my time in the bedroom. Therefore, I don’t need it to look nice. This is untrue so I’m trying to refocus.

So I started by purchasing these…

The pieces are big enough to be noticed, yet they are delicate and fit nicely into my space. Nice right? I’m hoping a trip to the farmers market on Monday will supply me with some dried lavender, which should go nicely.

Perch! started in 2004 and is the design work of Amy Adams. The majority of the pieces are handmade in Brooklyn and are environmentally friendly with low-impact materials and processes and non toxic finishes. Perch! has started working with manufacturers outside of New York with hopes of growing the business. Click here for a list of retailers currently carrying Perch!.

More on No. 7 tomorrow!


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