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Moving my affections to Fort Greene

March 1, 2011 , , ,

Photo Via Thrillist

“So what’s kind of food is this?” P asked.

Uhhhhhhhhhhh. “Well. It’s kind of American,” I replied


Well. Let’s say, American Fusion.

Which is true to a point. Fact is, No. 7 is American but what’s it’s fused with isn’t exactly clear. For instance, what could this possible be – “Scrambled Eggs & Spicy Pickled Pork Shoulder creme fraiche, rice” ($10)? Does it really come with rice? Or is it something that looks like rice? And what the F is Spicy Pickled Pork Shoulder? And no, asking the waitress didn’t help. “It’s really good” is what we got in return.

I wasn’t in the mood to be toyed with on Saturday. M and I’s Christmas meal kept replaying in my head. The “Half Chicken” actually rolled and fried on top of a too salty batch of mashed potatoes, braised cabbage and a few other things we were unsure of. Although, I am glad to now know that verjus is actually acidic juice made by pressing sour grapes. While it was interesting, it was also a bit upsetting. This is your “Half Chicken”?

Anyways! I needed something I didn’t have to dissect. I’m not sure where this mood came from but it was something I kept internalized as I poured over the brunch options.

While I was hungry for the catfish sandwich I had the first brunch, I had to delicately remind myself that that was 6 months ago, and this place was notorious for switching their menus. So much so, that they offer Monday Family meals with a different chef each week. Last night they weren’t even cooking food at all.

(Is it weird that Brooklyn people put up with such a thing? I mean, as I’m writing this, I find it really strange that a restaurant would choose to not serve food one day but still be open. Or am I just thinking too much about this?

Already familiar with their breakfast subs from No.7 sub I skipped over my first choice of Fried Broccoli, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches (M ended up with this) and I settled in on the Crispy Tofu sandwich and we split an order of home fries for the table. P braved the Scrambled Eggs & Spicy Pickled Pork Shoulder while N went for the Bowl of Rice. I was excited to see that the Bowl of Rice came with my favorite thing – soft boiled fried egg. A soft boiled fried egg is just genius. Really want to kill your cholesterol? Bread and deep fry that egg!

Turns out, same goes with tofu. The Tofu sandwich was pretty incredible, focusing all of its energy on the crunch of the breaded & fried coating. The special sauce is an awesome mix of mayo, sweet chili sauce and something else I can’t remember right now. The bun was pliable, easy to get into, and most importantly, fresh. It was a tofu sandwich for Tofu haters.

The home fries were great. They were crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and sprinkled with a punch of spice during frying. They were garnished with fried onions and jalapeños. A side of what I assumed to be homemade catchup was on the side and we elevated ours with the table ready, house-made hot sauce.

It was done right and that kind of sums up every weird little thing about No.7. No matter how odd ball the combination, no matter how much you believe with all your heart that two things should not be mixed together – they are mixed together with all the conviction in the world in the best way possible. Hmm, so the question for some is “Does this make this food good?” The New York Time said in a 2008 review that the chef does not land everything he launches which is a pity because the menu is so sparse. While this was in 2008, from my experience, it remains to be true for the dinner menu.

Brunch on the other hand has hangovers wavering wildly with the combos of a new generation of morning after food. It was defiantly enough to put a spring back in my group step.

Besides the food, No.7 is a comfortable place to be despite all of the white marble. It oddly reminds me of a place I used to get my hair cut in the East Village and that’s probably because it actually used to be a hair salon.

Located at 7 Greene Avenue (Fulton Street), Fort Greene, Brooklyn; (718) 522-6370.

All pictures via No.7 website


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