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The Cobb Cobb Chicken stole my heart

March 17, 2011

No post today. I wasted too much time trying to research the Cobb Cobb chicken breed. The rotisserie at Eataly has seduced me with it’s succulent roasted chicken that they boast as a Cobb Cobb chicken.

“What the F is a Cobb Cobb chicken?” I asked the man.

“Just a different breed of chicken,” he helpfully replied.

Little did he know how much more I was looking for. So I’ve attempted to look for myself. I mean, if I want to have chickens one day, I should learn about these types of things.

Anyways, turns out there’s not much out there. This is all I’ve found which wasn’t very helpful. Turns out the chicken’s original name is Poulet de Bresse. This is turning up more results but now the morning is over and I must move on to real life.

Back tomorrow.


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check this out!
I am a chicken farmer and raise thousands of Cobb Chicken, its just a breed of chicken.
They (Cobb Vantress) genetically modify the breed on a continuous basis.
Its like trying to breed the best race horses……but chickens is not that complicated LOL
Have a nice day!!!
Chicken farmer Ben
Chilliwack, BC


July 13, 2011

Thanks! That’s really interesting. Calling it the Cobb500 kind of puts a different spin on it.


July 13, 2011

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