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Blue Ribbon Sushi

March 28, 2011 , ,

L and I went to Blue Ribbon Sushi with great aspirations to get the Brooklyn Restaurant Week menu but it was not meant to be.

I don’t remember the entire menu but after seeing only two options for the appetizer options (which was two different types of seaweed salad) I moved on to trying to decipher the rest of their menu. It was much more interesting anyways.

The menu consists of over 10 different sections ranging from Appetizers to rolls, special rolls, two different kid sections and sashimi broken down by the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. If only the outside of door to this place was as easy to locate as Toro (fatty Tuna) was on their menu. I went in and out of Blue Ribbon Brassiere, putting my name on the list and playing phone tag with L before I realized that I was in the completely wrong place. Thank God because the wait was over an hour and half for the Brassiere.

Overall, this place left me with a resounding “Meh!” Please note that I am not a sushi expert. I will say that the freshness and quality were great. But was the freshness and quality any greater than that of Ki Sushi, which is our first favorite sushi place? No, not really and it was more expensive. The service was great here – very quick and speedy. We had a few different servers but each seemed to know what was going on with us.

L and I each started out with seaweed salad. Can someone confirm – is seaweed considered a vegetable? We then moved on to the Gyu Tataki, which is a filet of beef with garlic sauce. This was served medium rare, which is great. It was amazingly tender and the garlic was intense. The amount of garlic and scallions on it was actually surprising but for me, this was awesome. For others, I’m not so sure it would be.

We then split three rolls. (So sue us, we were hungry!) We went with:

Blue Ribbon Roll – ½ lobster, shiso, and black caviar
Kaki Fri – fried oysters & lettuce
Karai Kaibashira – spicy scallop & smelt roe

They were all pretty tasty although very different. Generally we have a better time matching our food choices together but Saturday just seemed a bit off. I think we were overwhelmed with the menu.

The fried oyster roll was by far my favorite. But then again, maybe that just says something about my sushi tastes. I loved the crunch! The Blue Ribbon roll was also amazing with a hearty bit of lobster in the roll. The spicy scallop? Not memorable at all.

We finished off with a scoop of green tea ice cream and a scoop of ginger ice cream. The ginger was great with lots of shredded ginger and it gave me aspirations to make my own.

I went home full and happy which is more than what would have happened if I had just stayed home. But alas, I will not be going back.

Check out the full menu here.

*No photos today, WordPress and my internet are being funky and won’t upload. Hugs until next time!


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