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Attempting to gain momentum

April 19, 2011 ,

Things are not working out the way I wanted them to this time of year. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to touch a bag of sugar in 3 weeks. Yes, this is super depressing. I should have expected this. I know how busy I get this time of year and I know how little I actually have time for. Alas, I was enjoying my morning groove of cooking and writing and I miss it more than I would like to admit I enjoyed waking up at 6:00am to bake.

So, that’s where I’m at. After two weeks straight of working, a week of recoup and my 30th birthday (!) I may possibly start to get back on track. I’m shooting for some baking and eating this weekend.

Of course I’ve been doing LOADS of eating but none it has been in Brooklyn. I’ve also been doing LOADS of shopping (Happy Birthday to me) but again; none of it has been in Brooklyn. I’m at a loss here at how to proceeds. I’ve fallen so out of the groove, I feel like I need to start fresh again. Turns out not blogging it like not going to Bikram for 3 weeks.


One thing I can talk about is the Ace Hotel. That’s probably the closest thing to anything Brooklyn related that I’ve experienced (besides my apartment) in the past 3 weeks. I spent almost one week working out of one of the rooms while our real office moved. And then I spent another week managing a group there as well as meetings in several of their lofts.

While I’ve spent the past 2 years (at least) going to Stumptown, it never really hit me that this was a real hotel. While yes, sure I knew it was a hotel, but still. It just seemed like too much. Everyone was so good looking with their plaid and their vintage frames. Everything was so put together and comfortable. The lobby was packed from open to close and the coffee was actually good. I mean, what kind of hotel is this?

To some of my “older” guests, they didn’t like it at the beginning. I say older carefully because they were far from being old. A few said it was too much of a scene and that they wanted their hotel to be a sanctuary. In their defense, they travel frequently and I can understand that. But then again, by the end of the week, they were in the lobby with the rest of them. One guys summed it up nicely when said “Fuck those old guys, this place is awesome.”

Anyways, despite how awesome, it turns out that a dimly lit hotel, designed to look like a fabulous version of your dorm, where the bottled water is $4 and takes time to filter is not a great place to work for a week. I know this now. But I also know that if you do have to work there for a week, the French presses are so mind blowing that it makes even the crappiest lamp and 1500 spreadsheets ok.

Experiences working out of the room:

– Staff was more than helpful carrying our multiple cases of computer crap as well as all of our gift bag swag up to the room.
– Room service always took 20 minutes and it was actually there in 20 minutes. (NUTS!)
– The room service Breslin burger is just as delicious as the lamb burger in the Breslin but the thrice fried fries do not survive the travel to the room as nicely as one would think. Still delicious but I would recommend actually going to the Breslin to get the full effect of these fries.
– The staff is unbelievable attractive and discreet. It took them 5 days before they got up the courage to ask, “Ummm, so what are you doing in here.”

Problem, you want the staff to be your friend and you forget that they are actually there to help you. It took me a few days before I realized that I could actually ask these people for things.

Experiences sleeping in the room

– The bed is way more comfortable that I thought it would be.
– Comb your hair before you order your French press in the morning. (Re: comment on unbelievably attractive staff)
– The lofts are kind of awesome and come with a claw foot tub. I feel pretty lucky to have slept in one for a few nights especially since it was bigger than my apartment.

One thing I wasn’t aware of is how much of a scene it actually was on the weekends. We were able to get in and out pretty quickly by flashing our room keys at the bouncer but that didn’t stop me from noticing that there actually was a bouncer and a line to bounce. Yes, again, this is a hotel. But it was nice because on the inside it wasn’t overly crowded. Drinking there on Saturday night was actually kind of pleasant. There was actually seating which is a shocker for any bar on a Saturday night and the bartenders were pretty awesome. There was an overwhelmingly Euro trash feel too it around 2am that I’m still trying to work out my feelings on. (I kind of liked it.)

Ok, that’s all I have for now and I feel utterly lame writing about the Ace. Apparently I need to work out a few things at the Breukelen Life HQ.


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