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The Good Batch

April 20, 2011 , ,

One thing I was tasked with last month was putting together a gift bag for our international guests. I immediately thought it would be great to put together an all NY made gift bag. My boss went for it, citing all of the NYT boasting of locally made products. Fantastic! I thought. I realized, after contacting vendor upon vendor, chasing down locally crafted merchandise that this is one of the biggest pains ever. Even so, I felt satisfied after. Even more satisfied after everyone commented on how great the Granola Lab granola was. And on how nice the Chilewich bag was. And on how great the C. Bigelow shaving cream is.

Photo via Flicker nycblondieandbrownie

One of the many things included that I really loved was the Good Batch products. I originally ordered their Oat Chocolate chunk cookie which is a dense, rich cookie topped with a sprinkle of sea salt. I loved it. Some, not so much. As with most things that combine chocolate and salt, it’s not for everyone.

I decided last minute to add in the Stroopwafel, which is an interesting cookie. The stroopwafel, a Dutch spiced waffle cookie is made in a specially made waffle iron. After a quick bake, the cookie is immediately split in half and then filled with caramel.

The cookie originated in the 18th or 19th century by bakers who were trying to use leftover scraps such as breadcrumbs. They would sweeten them with syrup. The oldest recipe for “Syrup waffles” dates back to 1840 although the first mention comes at 1810 from baker Gerard Kamphuisen.

The stroopwafel is best warmed over a cup of coffee and then consumed. When working out of the Ace, we enjoyed a few of the extras over a Stumptown French press. The initial bite is chewy, filling your nostrils with a flood of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Dip a bite in coffee and it’s as though the stars align. If anything is a testament to a product, it’s the smile and sigh after consumption by four people who have been locked in a tiny room working 12 hour days, 4 days straight.

This is also a cookie my mom would love. Random yes, but when your mom would love a cookie, that says something.

The Good Batch delicious wares are available at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays. The head chef Anna Gordon was nice enough to do a special order to fit my work needs. Gordon offers varying fillings for her Stroopwafels including cocoa caramel and I think there is a raspberry jam as well.


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