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Woodwork Brooklyn

April 27, 2011 , , , ,

Saturday was a pretty great day. I mean, the weather was absolutely disgusting but still, it wasn’t so bad. First, I went to Costco with L and C, EARLY. Well, early in Brooklyn terms – 11AM. I was so excited because they had coconut water for $13 a case. (Normally $22/case @FreshDirect) Between Bikram and drinking like a fish, I’ve been going through a lot of coconut water. Good for hydration and hangovers! And I was in L’s car so I got four cases. Excessive? Maybe…


Anyways, after Costco we decided to bump our Cornelius dinner plans to brunch plans. Cornelius wasn’t open yet (that’s when we realized we were up too early) so we went into Woodwork, which is right next door.

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Turns out, Woodwork is the best bar ever for daytime drinking. Walking in, the bartender (owner) gave us a friendly greeting and told us his food is “fantastic” while gently sliding the menu towards us. The dark wood and brick wall were instantly comforting, yet (even with the rain and thunder outside) it was light and airy enough to keep you awake. Fun fact from their website – oak floorboards are recycled, salvaged from a 100+ year old dairy farm in Western Massachusetts.

There was a healthy amount of people in there watching the soccer game(s) they had on the flat screens. Their website lists all the games if you’re into that sort of thing. I, am not. There was also a few people in there who were obviously in there for the mac and cheese which I think is just awesome. Nothing tells you how good something is more than a few hung over girls hunkering down on some mac and cheese in a soccer bar. (Not that girls can’t love soccer like they do mac and cheese – it’s just that these girls did not.)

They had a small selection of microbrews – love the Toasted Lager and have over 30 whiskeys on tap. The chef stood dutifully over a stove in the corner, pulling on pork, futzing around with pickles and grating cheese.

I can’t express to you how much I enjoyed this bar so let me just lay out a few things for you.

– They have a pickle bowl! And not a dinky one either. For $3 you get a good helping of a variety of pickles. I LOVE pickles so anyplace that has a pickle bowl on the menu is fantastic in my book.

– The cheesy bread is incredible. A nice helping of different cheeses and it was plenty of get the three of us started for the day. Perfect with the pickle bowl. But then again, what isn’t perfect with a pickle bowl.

– Their mac and cheese looked amazing. We didn’t think ahead enough to actually order it but it looked amazing. And you can add pulled pork or chorizo for $3.

– Three words – Cajun Bread Pudding – (That’s right, there’s Chorizo in there!)

Along with Cornelius, I look forward to adding Woodwork into my summer bar rotation. Something tells me that place gets sexy at night.


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