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Flatbush Farm Finally!

May 16, 2011 , , ,

It’s been a rough two weeks in the real world. I’ve missed my blogging fantasy time more than you would know. Despite the lack of sleep, 15-hour days, overdosing on takeout food, constant allergy attacks, and persistent hangovers, it’s been a very successful two weeks.

Like for example, I think I hit my stride being on stage in front of 700 people. I can do it and not feel like a weirdo! And, I figured out a new hairdo, which is kind of exciting. Finally, most exciting of all, I’ve managed to control my weight, even when I’m busy and eating take out food and/or not eating at all and then binge eating.


And now that that’s all over, I’m back at it. And I started with vigor yesterday at Flatbush Farm for brunch. I was pretty excited by my inspired idea. (I’ve gotten extremely cocky over the past 2 weeks.) C and I really wanted something delicious. Thank goodness I walk by there every time I go to yoga or we might have ended up someplace lame because my mind was BLANK.

We just made the last brunch seating. I just HAD to go to the 12:00 yoga and then C just HAD to run 15 minutes late. And then I just COULDN’T stop sweating from class. It was sad and ugly situation. So we didn’t end up getting to Flatbush Farm until 2:45 which is the last seating.

I expected rudeness when we walked in right at the last seating, with a swift point to the bar where we could order from the “limited” menu consisting of burgers and fries. But instead, we almost got a smile! And we got to sit and order which was surprising.

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First off, this place is really cute. Every time I walk by at night, it seems very romantic with the candles and dark wood. I can always make out large flowering branches on the bar and everyone inside seems very dark and mysterious. While some may say it looks pretentious, I love it. I’ve only really come across restaurants like this in New York and this is probably because people aren’t as good looking in other places so there wouldn’t be enough people to populate a place like this. (I’ve also gotten extremely snobby over the last two weeks. It will fade.)

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The service is barebones. They got us what we needed. There were only flickers of human emotion, which I was totally fine with. To be honest, I think C and I were still hung over from Friday night. Too much commotion may have killed us. Although…I did enjoy watching the three women at the bar flutter around the extraordinarily good looking bar tender. It was better than cable.

The food is obviously the real standout here as it should be. The Farm website goes into their entire philosophy, which is fine but a bit much for a Monday morning so I’ll give you the gist of it.

“…consistently employs sustainable agriculture—hormones and antibiotics kept to a minimum. Accessible, seasonal, local ingredients used to craft cuisine that features no selected yeast, enzymes, or additives—only partial flavors yielded.”

Which just means it’s a Farm to Table restaurant. Got it? Yeah me too. I wouldn’t read too much more. The rest of it really is a bit pretentious. (Fun note – They are Slow Food approved!)

On their homepage, there is a list of the farms and what they acquire from each. I was pretty psyched to see that the eggs are from Red Hook.

I went with the Cast Iron Frittata with potatoes, peppers, cheddar and added chorizo for +$2. Well worth it. I thought the peppers would be in the frittata but it was actually in a puree on top with a nice spring of fresh sage and dill. I thought that was kind of inspired. It was delicious, albeit a little salty. Since I’ve started my new diet, I’ve been overly sensitive to alot of salt. Never mind that I had just gotten out of Bikram so my senses were on overload. Generally though, I get overly full with frittatas, I never order them. I’m not sure what possessed me to do so yesterday but it worked. This was extremely light despite the added chorizo and peppers. This speaks a lot to the type of eggs used as well as the meat.

C went with the Crispy Duck Confit with cheddar chipotle grits, mushrooms and frisee. This was incredible, with the duck falling off the bone. The grits were cooked to perfection, something that we are both seriously sensitive about being from the south. The only issue was that it was a bit small for a growing boy like C and while I was stuffed, he was still hungry when we left.

We also split a plate of the biscuits – $4 for 2 chive biscuits, which I thought was a bit pricey. Overall, our bill was $47 before tax and we each had a beer. It’s a pretty expensive brunch but I suppose it would have been a lot worse for dinner. But then again, the goal was delicious and we got delicious. Looking forward to finding a date to take me there for dinner!


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