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Breadlove at the Brooklyn Brewery

May 23, 2011

I’m not sure you’ve been able to tell but I’m a huge fan of SCRATCHbread. Everything that Matthew Tilden does completely blows my mind. The combinations of sweet and savory seem almost dangerous and if I’m going to live on the edge – I want to do it with fresh shortbread, drizzled with crème anglaise, dotted with bourbon soaked currents sprinkled with rosemary.

“Will you judge me if I drink this?” I asked S, my nose pointing into the Dixie cup where my shortbread had lain not 2 seconds before. The currants were bobbing in the crème anglaise and I wanted nothing more than to get that in my belly.

The quick “No, absolutely not” is one of the main reasons why I want S to be my Williamsburg correspondent. We make a great fit, food wise, and I think he would be great! Now, if only he would get me some pictures from Saturday’s Smorgasburg….


Photo via the NYDailyNews

“Bread is the most powerful super power there is.”

The chat from Tilden was as inspiring as his food and hearing him talk about the process behind it and his business was interesting.

The woman behind me had clearly done her research because her questions ranged asking about his stint as a singer to his massive weight loss to his favorite thing to make. Whaaa? I thought we were here to talk about cookies?

Regardless, it all coincided with each other (and no, we were not there to talk about cookies). Tilden is a big buy, but apparently he used to be very over weight. His efforts with SCRATCHbread are a reflection of not only his efforts to live a healthy lifestyle but to share that lifestyle with others.

Which is interesting consider that he doesn’t want to be a baker. He’s a chef. Why would someone go through all that trouble – baking late into the night, falling asleep in a batch of brownies, etc because he doesn’t want to be a baker? Why not start a…. I don’t know. Something else besides baked goods?

Well for Tilden it’s all about the big picture and the principles that back it up. His goal, to make food without pretense, doesn’t help me understand his big picture. But I don’t need to understand, all I know is that I want to be along for the ride. The fresh, deliciousness that envelops his food is awe-inspiring. My absolute favorite that is the chai sticky bun still rocks my world every time I eat it. If his end goal is to get me to eat that instead of Pillsbury cinnamon buns that come in a cardboard roll then I will whole heartedly buy into that philosophy.

Stay tuned for step 2 of Tilden’s next big picture “Toast Bar.”

You can find SCRATCHbread at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays in Fort Greene.
On another note – I’m in San Francisco this week! I’m so excited to be here. I freaking love this town. So, for this week, I’ll be writing about all of the fun things I find here. Yesterday, I had an awesome time at Don Pistos and their bottomless sangria for $15. Best afternoon drunk ever. Today, I have big plans to go coffee house hopping before the big brother gets in. Let me see how many nonfat cappuccinos I can drink before 3!


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