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Blue Bottle Vs. Stumptown

May 25, 2011 , ,

Photo update finally! One month later...

I love Stumptown Coffee. And I hate for saying this but I think I like Blue Bottle better! Eek! I know. Granted, when I’m back on the East Coast and I have my lovely barista BF’s melting my heart with their nice smiles and latte art I will be back on the Stumptown bandwagon but for now, I’m all about Blue Bottle. (Yes, I know there is a Blue Bottle in Brooklyn but let’s be real, that’s in Williamsburg and we know how often I get there.)

Yesterday, I really wanted to make it to Blue Bottle before the brother got in and I had to meet him at the hotel. I had a low fat cappuccino (no nonfat milk! WTF?) and it was delicious. I hate to say, it was smoother than Stumptown lacking the kick that normally slaps my taste bugs awake. Fortunately, I still received the kick without numbing my taste buds, which Stumptown has a tendency to do every once in awhile. This could be attributed to a few things and while I would like to convince myself it was the 1% milk fat difference I know this is just not true.

There are a few things that I think are important when choosing a coffee house. As you will see, things are complicated.

Good milk
– Blue Bottle – organic and unnoticeable. No nonfat.
– Stumptown Coffee – Hudson Valley Organic Milk (DELICIOUS)


– Blue Bottle – I was highly amused with their brewing methods. Each cup is brewed individually. You could also order a Siphon, which is a fancy vacuum brewer which happen to make the best coffee ever. There are also two different types of iced coffee available. Lets not forget the espresso, which is pretty complex with an undeniably smooth finish that was slightly fruity, even in the milk.

– Stumptown – Coffee by the cup is brewed by French press or by CEMEX if requested. The cappuccinos are by far my favorite thing. Every one, no matter how many I have, transport me to Italy which is kind of a nice thing. I never enjoy their regular coffee by the cup. It’s always lukewarm and a little upsetting. The cold brew is so-so and slightly watered down. I opt for the iced Americano which is a good standard when I need to get back to work and don’t have time to daydream.

Ironic tattoos
– Blue bottle – 1 visible – (Bummer!)
– Stumptown Coffee – 4 out of 5

Baristas in skinny pants
– Blue Bottle – 1 (and they were HARDLY skinny)
– Stumptown Coffee – 4 out of 5 (and those suckers are TIGHT)

Today Ralph and I got back twice. The first, for breakfast, was a serious treat with the New Orleans style iced coffee. I love, love, love cold brew iced coffee and it’s very rare when it’s done properly. This, Ralph (a new Orleans resident for many years) can say confidently, was done properly.

The second time I had a lovely cup of green tea, which I suppose, is irrelevant. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

(Please excuse the lack of photos – I actually have some but the internet at The Monarch sucks majorly and I can’t upload anything.)


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How does Peet’s measure up? I have yet to try Blue Bottle


June 27, 2011

Peet’s isn’t bad it’s just that Blue Bottle and Stumptown are kind of on a different level completely. Give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂 Thanks for reading!


June 28, 2011

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