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Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee

May 29, 2011 , , , , ,

Soooooo I did not have as much time as I would have liked to post on vacation. The brother kept me highly amused. We had big plans to go out to Sonoma for two days before we parted ways but then opted to stay the entire week in the city at the luxurious (no, not really) Monarch hotel seated in the heart of the Tenderloin district. The Tenderloin is getting seriously gentrified and we did not find ourselves lacking for things to do. For instance, when we were there three years ago, this was the view from the Monarch.

Unfortunately, Frenchie’s is now closed making room for the urban hipsters, as my brother likes to say, and all the color of the neighborhood has migrated south a few blocks. This, of course, didn’t stop my brother from doing this while we slept.

I had a great time exploring the neighborhood a bit. A morning Yelp search for coffee brought up Hooker’s Sweet Treats. The name alone is just amazing beyond words taking into consideration the neighborhood. We just had to try it out.

The owner was very sweet and gave us a few more neighborhood places to try out. The best thing was watching him make his dark chocolate, cherry bread pudding even though I didn’t get to try any. A little research shows me that he’s known for his dark chocolate covered sea salted caramels, which is well deserved. They blew my mind. I’m a big fan of NuNu chocolates but these were a step above (and a step below in price). The size was substantial – a healthy two bites for $2. The caramel was smoky and sweet with just a touch of chew but not enough to confuse your whole mouth into a rolling garble unable to swallow or move.

He also served Sightglass Coffee, which is a local independent sibling owned, craft coffee bar boasting complete transparency in their process “from the hand that picks the coffee cherry to the hand that serves the cup.” Yes, I know, transparency doesn’t automatically mean it’s better. I’m also learning that “craft coffee” just means that I can’t get an iced Americano. And to that I say ‘Humph’.

But, it was more than good so I will deal. Coffee wise it seems as though Sightglass was a hair better than Blue Bottle. The only thing making it lag is the lack of ICE behind the bar but I’ll let that one go. Sightglass also had less frills than Blue Bottle, which automatically makes me like them a little bit more. I was overwhelmed with Blue Bottles chemistry set after the 3rd visit. It was also great how the two shops promoted each other. Sightglass had a Hooker’s mocha on the menu which I was dying to try but my tummy was rebounding after a week of vacation and I opted for the americano instead.

I brought a few bags of Sightglass back for the boys at the office so we’ll see what they think.

Ok, time to get back to Brooklyn. It’s a beautiful day and I look forward to seeing friends at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in a few minutes with a Bark Hot Dog in my hand! Good lord I missed this town!


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