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A day at Pier 6

May 31, 2011 , , , ,

It’s great to be back home. I had a realization while on vacation and it’s that I have a pretty good life. I’ve been in such a constant state of disarray with work and trying to do all of these other things that I’ve been forgetting to appreciate everything that I have. And most importantly, I haven’t been realizing that I do in fact have a lot.

So on Saturday morning, when I got a text for M & L about meeting down at Pier 6, I said “Yes” immediately, instead of no and then moping around all day about how I just “have to go to yoga.” Spending the day down by the water with the little L and family was just what I needed. It was so great to be back and to spend it with my three favorite people in such a great setting was more than I could ask for on any given day.

For those of you who haven’t been, Pier 6 is pretty fantastic. I’ll probably be going a lot more now that I know it’s easier to get to than Prospect Park. It was a short ride, since I actually followed the bike path, taking only 8-10 minutes.

And it’s great that eating options have spread south from Pier 1. A Bark Hotdogs stand has opened up as well as an Uncle Louie G’s ice cream cart. You can also get grilled cheese from the Milk Truck and ice cream from Blue Marble. A beer garden will open up mid-June (supposedly) serving Six Point (Yay!). There’s also a lot of seating and people watching, especially since the ferry to Governor’s Island is right there.

It’s also a fantastic walk to Pier 1, which we did. Little L loved watching all the double decker busses from the bike lane. And the grownups loved the wine bar at Pier 1. Well, love is a strong word. $6 for a small beer plus another $6 for a fruit salad is a bit ridiculous if you ask me but for the location it’s not bad. Plus, again, there was plenty of seating so it’s a win win in my eyes.

The great new park area is also plush with nicer grass than I expected although the trees haven’t had enough time to grow to provide proper shade. (Which is probably why there was plenty of seating everywhere. It was the middle of the day and we were psycho for walking around like we were.)

What have your experiences been with Pier 6? Any hidden gems you want to share?


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I went to the Pier 1 side of Brooklyn Bridge Park over the weekend with the family and loved the new additions to the park. We decided we wanted to go to Governor’s island from there because we heard we could. What I didn’t know what that the ferry departed from Pier 6, so we walked. What made the walk unbearable was 2 things – no shade in the “greenway” and my wife complaining about the walk (she’s not a walker).

The Pier 6 side of the park was absolutely beautiful, but we were hard pressed to find shade after a long walk. Needless to say, the wife wasn’t feeling well and we never went to Governor’s island, but we decided the Pier 6 area was so nice that we would return and go straight there with the kids instead of walking from Pier 1. The playgrounds are brand new and the sprinklers are inviting!


June 1, 2011

The new additions are great but yes, if your companion isn’t a walker it’s not for them. The lack of shade is not for the light of heart. Especially in this heat! I hope you made it to Governor’s Island eventually. It’s wonderful there.


June 28, 2011

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