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In the Barrio. No not really.

June 1, 2011 , , ,

On Sunday, L and I hit up Barrio. Yes, I had a Groupon. This place was pretty great for a one or two reasons and pretty bad for several. First off it’s a very cute place. It has a lounge feel which didn’t look too comfortable but the majority of the restaurant is a very big open outdoor patio, which is a great these days! We waited for a table out there.

When I walked in, the bar was kind of gross. There were several dirty cups, an empty chip bowl and then a small sampling of some sort of red juice sitting under the beer tabs. The bar also looked like it hadn’t been wiped down in awhile. I guess this is something I wouldn’t really know bothered me until it’s there and the all of a sudden I’m grossed out. Whatever, I got a margarita and got over it.

I started out with the watermelon mint margarita. It was a bit too sweet for my tastes. I’m a bourbon drinker, a straight up one at that so I should have guessed that a marg made out of watermelon juice would be too sweet. Nonetheless, I was jetlagged and plowed forward.

Once L and I got seated and got our second round of drinks, the cups for the first round were still sitting on the table. Again, who cares, but the tables were small, so really? You can bring us a second drink but can’t take something away once your there? This kind of happened all night. The service wasn’t the best.

At the table, the chips and salsa were the norm. There was an option of red and green. The red was by far the best in taste and a strong smoky kick but both were a bit watered down.

L and I split an order of the soft Taquitos with homemade tortillas, homemade Chorizo, grilled onions and guajillo salsa. These were great and the Chorizo was tender, simmered nicely and the tortillas did a wonderful job of soaking up the delicious grease from the sausage. Although I have serious doubts that the tortillas are homemade. And now that I’m looking at the menu, I don’t remember any salsa on them except for the red I added to them. Oh well.

For the main dish we split the hanger steak Churrasco with roasted mushroom & potatoes, guajillo mole. The steak itself was great! But there were no roasted mushrooms with the potatoes. Instead there were peas. No seriously. I was expecting a red mole on top since guajillo is a red pepper but instead there was a mix of sliced jalapeños and whole cilantro. Not sure where the guajillo came into play….

So needless to say, there were a lot of inconsistencies and crappy things about this place. Big plus? Outdoor seating! And yes, that is the one and only thing that will make me go back. And it will have to be for brunch only. I feel like this place has big potential for brunch but for dinner this place was a hot mess. The service was seriously lacking and the food was maybe 60% of what it said it would be on the menu. That’s a problem, no?

Barrio is located at 210 7th Ave in Park Slope. They have a 2 for 1 margaritas happy hour on Monday at the bar from 4:30-7pm. They are open Monday – Wednesday 3pm-10pm, Thursday-Friday starting at 11:30am and Satuday-Sunday starting at 11am.


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