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My Top 5 Outdoor bars

June 6, 2011 , ,

Living in New York, so much of what we do is defined by the weather. I’ve been thinking about that a lot as the weather warms up. All of a sudden, it’s like there’s people in this city again! The skirts get short and all of a sudden we’re in search of the best outdoor bar. Ok, maybe that just me. No?

I’m going to delve more into living seasonally and how to make the best of your time, no matter what season, but for now we’re going to talk about the top bars to get your drinking accomplished.

Here’s my top five, one of which is not in this borough but hey sometimes a girl needs a place close to work! You can bring food into any of these locations which is very important for drinking outside.

Mission Dolores
249 4th Avenue

These guys describe themselves as the weird beer bar at 4th and Carroll. I like to describe it as the best bar ever. The space is pretty wicked, when it’s warm all of the doors and walls are collapsible so when it’s warm out, it’s a straight beautiful shot right to the bar. There’s a front room with seating, a little courtyard and then the actual bar area. The crowd is 100% Park Slope hipster, which means it’s random as hell. They have a good happy hour – $1 off drafts! You can see a full list of their drafts here.

Cherry Tree
65 Fourth Ave.

Cherry Tree has one of the best back gardens in the borough and it is also one of the quietest bars ever on a Sunday afternoon, which I love. C and I go here enough because they offer $15 pitchers for any of their 23 microbrews on tap. $15 for a pitcher of Leffe? Are you kidding me, that’s the best deal ever! And I don’t have to fight a guy to get a seat outside? Sold! Cherry Tree also has Trivia on Wednesday nights and Karaoke on Thursdays.

I used to also love this bar for their quirky signs that would highly amuse me on the way home but it seems as though they guy has gotten fired because they are no more. (See above)

The Gate
321 5th Avenue

This place gets crazy busy during the summer time but if you stick it out, you can get a table on the patio that looks out on Fifth Ave. C and I like to camp out there for the day, play cards for beers (I always lose) and look at people’s dogs. They have a big beer selection although not quite as lengthy as Cherry Tree. More importantly, they have lots of whiskey and generally a water cooler outside so you can get water as you please. I love this because I can generally drink a whole water cooler of water myself. The bar tenders are biker dudes which reminds me of a bar in PA my parents used to take me too when we lived there. Monday – Friday they have $1 off Happy hour until 7pm.

Me Bar
17 West 32nd St.

Me Bar is such a random place, sitting on top of the La Quinta Inn in Korean Town. They have one of the best views in the city, sitting directly under the Empire State Building. The drinks are not overly expensive for the location. It’s about $8 for a whiskey and coke. Beers are $6. I think. I can never really remember by the time I leave there. The crowd is a strange mix of locals and tourists. The tables are really close together and you always get to chat to some strangers ,which is nice. The bartenders are friendly and always seem to remember me, C and L when we come in. You also get free popcorn. The popcorn guy loves L and always brings us extra and then high fives her.

The Rock Shop
249 4th Avenue

I love this bar solely for their rooftop. The inside has a sports bar vibe on the weekend which I find really strange for the neighborhood but I suppose it is a nice contrast sitting next to Mission Dolores. The drinks are not expensive – $6 for a mixed drink. Every time I’ve been there, the crowd has left me curious enough to go back. There’s also a pool table!They also have live music all the time which I didn’t really until recently when I was at Mission Dolores late. Here’s a list of the upcoming bands.


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