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Rumbled over by Rolls

June 12, 2011 , ,

This week has been a bit nutso in the food arena. On Wednesday, M, L, and I found ourselves at the DVF sample sale and then at Birreria in Eataly. I’m going to hold off talking about Birreria because they don’t have their menu posted online yet and I may or may not have had a few drinks that rendered me incapable of taking proper notes.


Photo via Serious Eats

Thursday took L and I to the Lobster Roll Rumble.

After three days I remain speechless about the LRR. We are food festival pros. This is not something that we take lately. We pace ourselves when necessary, aware of what we are eating and where it’s from. We take turns getting food and drink, reserving our table so we have a place to chat and place to put our drink. And most importantly – we have a plan.

But this was just not possible at the Rumble. While we were waiting in line we decided to focus on the lobster. I know – “Duh!” But, we didn’t want to get distracted. I was a bit tipsy from after work drinks. L had had a rough day and we were both out of it from the rain. We didn’t want to chance them running out of anything.

Turns out no one else did either. Once we got inside, we were swept up in a tornado of butter, mayo, lobster and bread. The few cocktail tables were stacked high with used plates and half eaten buns. People pushed and shoved, eating rolls while grabbing three more. We had no choice but to do the same thing. We attempted to get a table but we were rendered speechless as guests almost threw their plates on top of our yet to be eaten rolls. Clearly we were messing around.

We had no idea what was happening to us. Within an hour we had each tried about 8 rolls and found ourselves downstairs in the dessert area, shell shocked, picking lobster out of our teeth, pulling scallions out of our hair wondering ‘What just happened?”

Regardless, I did get a few favorite rolls out of the deal. I’ve realized that I don’t like rolls heavy on the mayo. A simple butter sauce or a light, light mayo with crunchy toppings will do me just right.

My overall favorite goes to Nettie’s crab shack in San Francisco. I loved the pickled purple cauliflower that came on the side. The lobster got the butter treatment and the meat was sweet, tender, perfect.

Nettie’s was right next to my local favorite the Red Hook Lobster Pound. I’ll be reviewing them another day soon but for now I will say that they are amazing. Follow their truck on twitter here and do try when it’s in your hood. You won’t regret it.

GT Fish and Oyster in Chicago was one of the first we tried and it was also one of my favorites. The bun was a sweet brioche, complimenting the lobster nicely without overpowering it. There were bits of celery that gave the roll a much-needed crunch.

All the others had a little too much of something or not enough of something else. The rolls that were too heavy on the mayo left us blanching. A lot of times the lobster was delicious but the sauce overpowered it. Or the sauce was delicious yet the lobster was tough and stringy. (For shame!)

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect, I don’t know if I would do this again.

Now I’m going to go lay on my couch and rub my tummy because just writing this has brought back post event trauma.


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