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Hitting the V-spot

June 14, 2011

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On Sunday night I was not in the mood to deal with food but didn’t want to blow a whole day of eating well and a great yoga class by getting Thai food. (As delicious as that sounded.) I decided instead to use my V-Spot Groupon. I don’t generally like vegan food or anything is stands for and I can’t really remember why I bought this Groupon in the first place.

I’ve never been overly impressed by the look of this place from the outside. Once inside, sitting at the counter waiting to place a to-go order, I was still not overly impressed. It could be best described as a vegan diner with lackadaisical staff.

I had big plans to stop by there, place my order, get to Union Market before it closed and then stop by to pick up my order on the way home. I stood outside for a minute looking over the menu. Once I picked out the few things without fake cheese or chicken on it, I went inside and sat at the counter to place my order.

A guy sat at the cash register with his back towards the door. A staff member or two came out of the kitchen looking directly past me to someone else by the door. I tried to make eye contact with all of them to no avail. In my short time there I could tell that the customers who were dining in were having a hard time. A family was moving their dirty plates to another table because the wait staff didn’t grab them yet. Several people got up and asked for glasses and others for the check.

After watching the guy on the phone for a few minutes I decided I would have better luck to leave and phone my order in. This worked.

Overall the food was good. I ordered a lot because I had $30 to blow and it was enough to last me two meals. I went with:

– Raw Nori Rolls ginger almond pate, spinach, carrots and cucumber. Served with nama shoyu, pickled ginger and wasabi.
– Portobello Salad gluten-free. grilled mushrooms, sautéed onions, candied pecans, home-made ricotta and tomatoes atop mesclun greens.
– Quinoa ginger-flavored with carrots
– Sautéed broccoli with onions, garlic and oil.

The Nori rolls were a bit tasteless, I thought the almond pate would have more flavor and my to-go order did not come with the picked ginger nor the wasabi.

The Portobello salad was decent and quite large. The candied pecans were a nice touch and were great surprise the next day when I mixed everything together for lunch for lunch the next day.

All of the vegetables were cooked nicely – still crunchy with the nice bite of garlic. The quinoa was my favorite. The ginger flavor came through nicely and was enhanced by the sweetness of the shaved carrots. And at a full cup cooked it was easy for me to fit into my plan.

V-Spot has a fresh juice bar as well as a decent sized selection of pasta, sandwiches and entrees. Everything is 100% vegan and a good portion of the items had a glutton free option available. I wasn’t really interested in the sandwiches or pastas – well except maybe the pad thai. I’m sorry but Chicken Parmigiana with two crispy soy cutlets covered with soy mozzarella and our marinara sauce over quinoa capellini is not my cup of tea.

But, fresh veggies are and that’s why I’ll be going back and only for takeout. It turned out to be a perfect post workout meal and for that I’ll give it another try.


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