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A good reason to go to Dumbo.

June 24, 2011

Looking for reasons to go to Dumbo? Or do you need to go to Dumbo and know you’ll be hungry when you get there? I know. Life is so hard. But for when life is hard, you have places like reBar that make things A-O-K.

C and I only came across ReBar when we started planning an event at the archway and needed an after party space. The ladies from the Dumbo Improvement District recommended it to us and after one lunch checking out the space, we were sold.

It’s a huge gastro pub with lots of brick and iron. The long tables in the dining area are pretty great and seem like they would be lots of fun for big groups and/or making new friends. The bar area is gated off from the rest of the room, yet still very open and could easily accommodate 100 guests. The space was also very well lit with large windows at the front of the space streaming in the sun.

The lunchtime crowd was very chill. There were a few people working on their laptops – ReBar has free Wi-Fi. The waitresses were fast, as was the food, and they were also very friendly. Fast AND friendly don’t always come together.

On to the most important thing – the food. The food is pretty fantastic and I really cannot wait to go back for dinner. For lunch, I went with the chickpea melt – a garbanzo bean patty, with caramelized onions, fried cauliflower, and soy spread on a potato bun. I honestly thought the soy spread was mayonnaise until just this moment. That being said, I have no idea what soy spread is. Do you?

C went with the reburger, which was a delicious beast that came with house made pickles and hand squeezed Spanish onions on a potato bun. Both of the sandwiches came with perfectly cooked, crispy shoestring potato fries.

I missed the group’s second trip lunch trip. The highlight – a bacon mac burger (above) – fried bacon-macaroni patty, sunny side up egg, tomatoes, harissa mayo, artisan potato bun. My arteries are smiling for missing that one. B and C basically came rolling in after consuming this AND the el cubano. B was so excited by all of it he called me to exclaim, “That lunch place is FANTASTIC!”

There is nothing on the lunch menu over $10 except the New York Strip that comes in at $13. Dinner looks fantastic albeit a little pricier. They do have a nice selection of small plates that looks like they would be perfect addition for a light ‘liquid dinner.’ You can check out their dinner menu here.

I really don’t go to Dumbo enough. I should, it’s so close on the bike. A perfect evening would be to ride over to reBar for dinner, scoot on down to Pier 1 for some ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice cream factory and then maybe hit up on of the close bars for a few more drinks. Looking forward to this crappy weather clearing up so I can actually put some plans into action.

Photos via Bob Fagan at Bob Fagan Photography.


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