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Scape Basil Pesto w/ Lemon Verbena

June 25, 2011 , ,

When I saw scapes last Sunday at Union Market I was so excited but I didn’t dare buy them. There was no price tag and I learned my lesson the hard way last time with the $6 leeks.

I waited until Monday and scooted on down to the Union Square greenmarket to grab some before they closed. If you dig around, the scapes will be roughly $2-3 per bunch. Some places had them for $8 -$10 / pound. I have no idea what that equals out too but it just seems high!

I’ve been to the greenmarket quite a bit this past week but it mainly consists of me getting there 5 minutes before things close. Yesterday though was different and I was very excited to be able to look around a bit before it closed. I ended up leaving with a lemon verbena plant, rosemary, spring garlic and a beautiful bunch of bok choy.

When I got home and realized that I bought a lemon verbena plant with no plan in mind, I kicked myself. I was intoxicated by its smell and clearly did not realize what I was doing to myself. My little herb garden is taking over my window life and I’m getting a bit overwhelmed. Never mind that I already have lemon balm growing larger than it’s container.

But then I realized that it would be a nice addition to garlic scape basil pesto. So here you go people – Garlic Scape Pesto with lemon verbena. Enjoy!

1 bunch of Garlic Scapes – Roughly chopped – about 1 ½ cup.
1 c. of packed basil
¼ c. of lemon verbena
¼ c. of toasted walnuts cooled
¾ c. of quality virigin olive oil. I ended up using my Twin Sisters Ranch Stone Press Oil I got in Calistoga.
½ c. grated Parmesan cheese

Put chopped scapes, basil, lemon verbena, cooled walnuts and olive oil in your food processor until well blended. Stir in Parmesan cheese. And because I have a tendency to let things go bad, I divided into tablespoon servings in a mini muffin pan. This is in the freezer and will be great for future use!


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