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What’s a deal worth to you?

June 26, 2011

Photo via Village Voice
I went to Target yesterday. I’m not proud of it. On Pride weekend of all times! But it’s one of those weekends. For the first time in forever I haven’t had anything going on. So I’m finding myself doing the all of the things I’ve been putting off – like buying a new shower curtain liner and cleaning out the fridge. Dusting. Swiffering. Buying paper towels.

In order to do all of these things, I had a few options. Go to Target, which is right up the street. Or, I could go to Key Foods and cross my fingers that they would have everything I needed. I’ve pretty much avoided Target since the whole Target hates the gays scandal in 2010 but I decided that it was my best option for a lame Saturday night.

But now I have a serious problem because I forgot how freaking cheap things are. I mean, I know, I know but damn things were cheap. We’re talking $7.50 for a 6 pack of beer and not just bud light. They had several delicious Sam Adams selections as well as other Belgium and micro brews. And the yogurt! I got Fage yogurt for $1.64/container and it’s generally $2-3 at the grocery store. $3 at the deli by my office. Cheese was $2! Frozen blueberries were $11 for a 3-pound bag – that’s Costco prices people. You can’t beat that with a rainbow colored stick if you tried.

Or can you? I found the conversations going on around me pretty amusing and in my excitement for a good deal, it made me think a little bit (once again) about where my money was going to end up. I heard at least two couples talking about the act of shopping at Target and in both, one was indifferent and one was against.

“I know you don’t like to support them but…” man #1 says.

“Well, I just think they’re awful,” woman #2 says.

“Well,” says man #1, “This is a good deal.”

In both instances, it ended with the offending party giving a resounding “Humph!”

In general, I am pretty good about shopping locally and seasonally. Most produce I buy is grown within the tri-state area. I only drink New York state milk and my packaged food consumption rarely extends beyond yogurt, frozen berries, gum, and coconut water. And these items I pick up at Costco in serious bulk fashion. Seriously, I haven’t had a banana in two years. Anything I can’t buy at the greenmarket or buy reasonably at Union Market or Key Foods, I pick up at Costco.

I’m conflicted. Where do you draw the line? Is a deal a deal no matter how you get it? My love of a deal and love of my, at times, ridiculous ideals are at war. I mean, where does our money really go? I like to think that a good portion of my money at least goes to happy farmers with their happy cows but who knows? The owners of Union Market might be warmongers for all we know.

What are your thoughts on this? I know that this is kind of an old debate but it’s still something that is swaying the community. Will you shop at Target?


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