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Striped Zucchini

June 27, 2011

Sometimes, on the weekend, I spend all morning telling myself I’m going to go to yoga. Then, just when it’s time to put on my yoga shorts and head out the door, I end up putting on real pants and shoes and find myself somewhere completely different without even realizing what happened.

Yesterday was no exception when I found myself at the Park Slope greenmarket perusing the summer squash selection. I swear, this week I’ve spend more time at the Farmer’s market than necessary. It has kept me more than amused so I suppose that’s something.

Finding something delicious always makes anything worth the trouble of skipping yoga. And when I came across the striped zucchini I knew my perils would be easily forgotten. (OH, poor ME! Four days this week at the greenmarket. Yes, I know I need to get a new hobby. Or a boyfriend. Or both.)

Anyways, the striped Italian zucchini is awesome and everyone should know in case they don’t. I have vague recollections of my parents growing these when I was a kid which may have caused my initial double take at the mound of beautiful squash laying there in the sun.

I checked out the sign and the only description was “Sweet.” Coming in at $1.50 a pound, I figured it was worth a shot. And yes, they are sweeter than the conventional zucchini and they are also slightly nutty. The skin has a nice crunch to it. Overall, a tad more complex than what’s expected so it lends itself nicely for sauteeing without hiding out in the background.

I sauteed it with my scape pesto from Saturday in addition to some fresh spinach, couscous, chicken sausage and some heirloom hothouse baby tomatoes. (All keeping to the Cinch diet proportions of course.)

Monday advice? Give the piles of zucchini and squash more than a glance this year. Summer is shining bright and these varietals are not to be missed.


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