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S. Brooklyn Pizza needs to reassess

June 28, 2011 ,

Ok, we need to talk about South Brooklyn Pizza for JUST A MINUTE. And then I’ll get to my strawberry pie tomorrow. I promise.

South Brooklyn Pizza is ridiculous. Yes, I do understand that the word ridiculous can be used in a bunch of different contexts. For instance, sometimes, I use the word ridiculous to describe something that is so wonderfully fantastic it’s ridiculous. Or maybe I use it to describe something that’s so stupid…it’s ridiculous.

SBP somehow manages to encompass all different aspects of the word ridiculous at once. And no, I don’t think this is a good thing.

Lets flash back to Sunday afternoon. I’m out on a lovely afternoon stroll to Ample Hill Creamery. (It was my first time and hands down, best ice cream e-v-e-r.) I decide that on my way home, I’m going to swing by SBP to pick up a take out menu for our Sensual Sunday Pizza edition later that evening.

I see this printed flyer.


“Excuse me. Do you have a takeout menu?”

The man pointed to what was in my hand.


We stare at each other for a minute. Turns out he was just taking a breath so he could get ready for his explanation about how they don’t serve penne al vodka pizza or any of that OTHER pizza that’s complicated. Please – do I LOOK like the type of girl who wants creamy vodka sauce on her pizza? (Do not answer that.)

“It’s all very simple,” he goes on. “Square or Round.”

“Yes, but what about the toppings?” I ask.

“Oh, we do all the toppings you want,” he says. Going on to list every type of meat they have.

“Ok. I’ll call later.”

Flash to LATER. We’re examining the menu and go with a margarita pizza and a cheese with Sopressata. And no, their website is not any better. Take a look for yourself. I didn’t even bother looking at the website before we ordered. Amused it would be just like the flyer. Ugh.

C calls.

“OH, we don’t do calls for take out orders. You have to come in.”

‘What about delivery? Do you have delivery?

“Yes, what do you want?”

WTF. What kind of place delivers but doesn’t take phone in orders?

We opt against delivery. Just seems like a bad idea. C and B go to place the order and come back fairly quickly with the two pies.

“Guess how much this pizza cost?” C asks.

I guess $50 thinking that there is no way in hell that two pizzas cost $50! No way, that’s so expensive. Like the most expensive pizza you’ll ever have right? I mean, the truffle pizza at Fornino’s came in at $35 but HELLO that has shaved black truffles all over it.

Turns out I was wrong. It was MORE. $55 for two pizzas. One with just cheese, basil and sauce. The other, cheese, basil, sauce and Sopressata.

Once we got over ALL of that. The picture menu, the weird attitude, the not taking phone in take out orders, we got down to the pizza. I mean, it was quite large but not $27 dollars large. (Shit, if they are charging that much for basil, I could make a fortune on my little window garden.)

The pizza is not bad. In fact, it’s quite good. The crust was thin and chewy with a nice crunch. The sauce actually tasted like tomatoes without being acidic. There was a pleasant sweetness to it. The cheese was fresh mozzarella and the basil was fresh. But…Whop di do! Because unless that mozzarella is hand pulled in the back room by a tiny Italian mother who earlier that morning milked a grass fed happy cow in Prospect Park there is no way in hell that pizza should cost so much.

If you get the pie by the slice, it’s $4. They share the Cherry Tree back garden so you can take you super over priced pie over there and drink it with a super cheap pitcher of Belgium beer.

Have you eaten there? Will you be going back? I’m traumatized.


What do you think?

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I’ve been there and love it! I’ll admit that it is extremely expensive but it’s some great pizza. I personally take mine to 4th Ave Pub across the street. They also have a great outdoor section but have a huuuuge selection of beer at great prices. So split a pie with 4 friends (that makes each slice a little over $3 which isn’t so crazy) and then fill up on some beer!
Do you have any other suggestions for pizza in that area?

ps i love your blog


June 28, 2011

Agreed – the pizza is great but crew is interesting to say the least. Generally, for me, if the food is great I could care less what the service is like. This place just rubbed me the wrong way but I probably will be doing back because it’s just right there on the way to my apartment. I haven’t been to 4 Ave. pub yet. It’s next on my list! La Villa Pizza is pretty great but again, really expensive. Peppino’s is great (especially for delivery) and they have a brick oven. And Fornino’s is always good for fancy pizza and rarely is there one above $16. Thanks for reading!


June 28, 2011

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