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Hmmmm Olive Oil – Scratchbread

July 1, 2011 ,

Scratchbread kitchen

Right now, I’m attempting to get down and dirty with some focaccia dough before I take off the Alexander McQueen (again). Thank god for those surprise days when the office closes.

Last night I had the pleasure of going to a focaccia making class at ScratchBread. It seemed inevitable that I would leave with arm full of ready to eat focaccia so I prepared myself for this. In thinking this, I was completely wrong. I also left with a garbage bag full of dough. Once I hit the G train, I realized what I had done. Where the F am I going to put all of this freaking dough? It bad enough my freezer is full of frozen berries.

I remained calm and when I got home, I went to work. I remembered the measurements so I took out enough to make myself a nice pizza for the weekend. Then I remembered that if we froze it, we would need to put at least 25% of this dough in with new dough to ‘keep things sexy’. So, I broke up the rest of the dough into quarter measurements, wrapped those suckers in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer. Now, I have 8 little starters ready to go for fresh bread. How I the other ¾ of the measurements work out…well, I’ll have to deal with that later.

God, I was so proud of myself.

And so when I got up at 6AM again, (I need to figure this out) I took the dough out of the fridge so that when I got up for real, things would be ready to go. Right now, the pools of olive oil are nesting in the dough that I thinned out for pizza style. The fresh mozzarella from Brooklyn Larder is chopped, my scape pesto is defrosting and my little frozen bag of crushed Jersey tomatoes is ready to go.

Again, so proud of myself.

45 minutes later

My apartment is full of smoke from the olive oil. It’s a miracle my fire alarm hasn’t gone off yet.

The pizza looks delicious.


Why hasn’t my fire alarm gone off yet?


I learned two key things yesterday that I think will change my life. The first is using fresh brick yeast. I’m going to work to incorporate this more into my baking. The smell was undeniable and I really think it will start to take things to the next level. The next – Olive Oil is our friend. (I used to to know this. Don’t know when I forgot.) And clearly so is salt. There was a good 2 ounces of salt that went into each batch of dough. Granted, that dough would make 8-10 loaves. There was also a good cup of olive oil in each loaf. If I want to stop messing around and make things delicious then I need to cut the diet portions and get with the program.

More experiences with this bread to come later. For now, here’s some pics from last night. Happy Friday people – it’s going to be a great long weekend!


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