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More beer to consider

July 4, 2011 ,

Happy Fourth of July everyone! It’s been a beautiful weekend so far and I wanted to share some info about Pier 6.

Also, just as a side note, L and I made it down to Coney Island for the fireworks on Friday and it was pretty much the best time ever. Even after a super long day, the Met at 10, lunch/beers, nap, more beers at Mission Delores I was excited about the prospect of getting some night beach time in. So was L. So we went back to my place, grabbed a blanket and a bottle of wine and hopped on the D train. Highly recommended. Tons of people but everyone is pretty jolly and there is plenty of space on the beach to grab a quiet spot and enjoy your Napa Valley Cabernet if you so please. Ha!

Photo via Brooklyn Paper

As I posted on Friday, the Beer Garden at Pier 6 is now open. SSB and I moseyed down there on Friday when he got in and I was pleasantly surprised to see the gate open. There’s next to no news on this place and I for one am reluctant to share it because on that beautiful Friday evening, there was no one there really. People were scattered at the picnic tables and a few parents were posted at the overlook watching their chicklets play around in the grass. Combined with the beautiful sunset and a six point can, it was pretty much heaven on earth.

Bark Hot Dogs was posted below in the walkway across from Uncle Louie G’s Italian Ice but now they have moved up to the roof. Burgers and dogs are still available and now there’s a decent selection of Six Point Beers. There’s 4 or 5 on tap as well as the new can selections. The cans were $6, which is a bit pricey but overall, not so bad when you throw in the sunset. There’s also wine but who really cares about wine on a summer day? There’s only capacity for 75. I’m intrigued to see how this place pans out. It really is one of the best views of the lower Manhattan.

Unfortunately the beer garden is only open Friday – Sunday until midnight. Hot Dogs range from $4 – $6 (for the vegetarian). The burgers come in at $7.

Happy Drinking!


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