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A daycation at Rockaway

July 5, 2011 , ,

“Where are you watching the fireworks?” SSB asked L.

“I’m not, my TV is broken.” She replied.

And that pretty much sums up my friends responses about the fireworks. So in the end we gave up. Well, I wouldn’t say we gave up completely, but we did end up drinking Bud Light at Rockaway and skipping any plans that we made to attempt seeing the fireworks. In my book, just drinking Bud Light is giving up. Ha!

But god, it was such a nice day. SSB and I generally end up drinking ourselves silly, rendering us unable to move for the rest of the day. But this time was different. We actually got up yesterday at 10! And was at the Rockaway by 1. It was so grownup of us. We didn’t even get sunburned!

I can’t believe that I’ve been in New York for almost six years and that was only the second time I’ve been to Rockaway. I suppose all this time I’ve been close to Coney Island but now that, subway time wise, I’m in the middle, my heart is going to lay with Rockaway.

Overall, it’s way cleaner and the food options are pretty incredible. While the horde of tattooed hipsters snaking their way to the boardwalk was a bit overwhelming, I was digging it nonetheless. And I need to remember that I too could be construed as a tattooed hipster so maybe I should just calm down about it.

We got off the shuttle train at 98th street thinking things would be a little less crowded. We were wrong. Either way, we were able to find a place to hunker down for the day. At the boardwalk between 96th-98th streets there was a great food court that had a Baby Cakes concession stand selling donuts and waffles! There was also Rockaway Tacos which the NYT did a great review of in 2009. There was also an iced coffee shop and some smoothies to consider. I’ll be checking this out when I go back.

SSB and I ended up Rippers, which I was really excited about. Rippers is a collaboration from the people at the Meat Hook and Roberta’s. It’s just basic burgers, hotdogs and fries. But they were DELICIOUS. The dogs were plump and the burgers were salty which just seemed like the perfect things after a day at the beach. If you’re looking for a veggie option there’s the quinoa black bean burger and a few other things.

Rippers opens at 7am with iced coffee and a surfer’s breakfast burrito. They close at 7pm.


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