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Williamsburg overload + Sexy Zenkichi

July 10, 2011

I hate to say it, but Williamburg is growing on me. I mean, Not a lot. Just a little bit. I will go there to eat.

On Friday, L and I decided to head over because I had a Living Social coupon for Zenkichi. I had a really busy day and by the time the afternoon hit, it was raining in that really annoying way where you know you’ll need an umbrella but think maybe you’ll be ok without one and you’re really not therefore spending the rest of the evening with frizzy hair and wet jeans. (Just me?)

Anyways, our Friday afternooncation to Williamsburg on Friday consisted of this.

Blue Bottle
Momofuko Milk Bar
Bedford Cheese Shop

It was a lot. But we figured, “Hell, we’re here we might as well….”

You guys know my feelings about Blue Bottle and I’m going to save myself the embarrassment of writing about the food at Zenkichi because my knowledge on Japanese food is next to zero.

I will tell you a few things. First, we could not find it. There is no address sign visible and the outside looks like a warehouse boarded up with planks of wood. If you see a tiny door at the North East corner of N. 6th street and Wythe, that’s it. Once you go in there are a few rules. Cell phones off. No children under the age of 14. And your table only fits the people you reserved. No add-ons under any circumstances.

When we were led up the bamboo lined staircase it was dark, lit with lanterns. I felt like I was walking on a precarious bridge over water. You could hear water bubbling somewhere and there were smooth pebbles intricately paid out on the pathways. It was really beautifully designed actually. Our table was really an intimate little corner table in a booth. There was a curtain that closed off our area and a buzzer for the waiter.

“Uhhhh this is a cute date place,” L said.

“Yeah, I feel a bit awkward. I mean, what are we going to talk about if we can’t see other people to make fun of?” I replied.

Needless to say, we survived. And we also decided that one should only come to this place if they are with someone they want to sleep with or are currently sleeping with.

The food was quite good and the service was outstanding. Every restaurant should have a bell for the waiters. It would probably save everyone a lot of time. They recommend 5-6 plates per person. Everything is served family style and we found that 6 plates were actually sufficient for us to split. The most outstanding thing we had was the Washugyu Beef Tataki which was a crossbreed of Tajima & Black Angus – served thinly sliced, lightly seared (rare) with ginger-garlic soy sauce.

The most daunting part of the whole experience was the sake menu. If we were more patient, we would have spent some time pouring over it but alas, we were not. The four pages of intricately described sake was too much for our simple minds to take on a rainy Friday afternoon.

Have you eaten at Zenkichi? What was your experience? Any menu recommendations?


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