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Cookout NYC at Governor’s Island

July 11, 2011 ,

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. We got to Cookout NYC at 11:30 on the dot, which is highly impressive for a Sunday. Overall, the day was not crowded. I was expecting hordes of people, long lines and fights for seats, if there were any. But this didn’t happen. The crowd was sparse when L and I first arrived and never got NYC crowded. The longest line, (any line was a rarity), was no longer than 10 or 15 people.

We managed to snag a picnic table with other groups that rotated throughout the day. We took turns getting up for food, beer and walks around to check things out. It was such a pleasant day that I could barely contain myself. (Never mind that we went into Barney’s afterwards and I actually fit into the clothes. That NEVER happens.)

There were lots of great treats at the Cookout. We started off with Fatty Cue’s and their brisket on garlic bread with Brooklyn Greens. Oh lordy was that delicious. I can’t remember what the white sauce on it was but it made the sandwich so rich and heavenly I almost slapped L it was so good.

Our favorite shaved ice guys, Wooly’s, were there. We LOVE them and they have been at every food festival we’ve been at over the past 2 months. The shaved ice is creamy like ice cream but light. The little drops of chopped strawberries are always the perfect amount and I won’t even go into their sea salt lyche syrup. It’s incredible. Needless to say, we had our fill. And after checking out their Facebook page I see that they won best shaved ice yesterday. Congrats! You can also follow them on twitter.

Mama Kimchi was there. I didn’t like it when I first tried it but this time around, I was more than happy. The pickled diakon radish was probably my top favorite they were offering. They also were serving up half hotdogs with the basic kimchi and a side of pico de gallo.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese was a pleasant surprise serving up miso flavored pork belly with potato chips on a ciabatta roll. It was almost too rich and amazing to eat. But alas, we prevailed. Too bad, I will probably never get to the real location since it’s in East Harlem. Check out NY Mag’s thoughts on Earl’s here.

My favorite of the day was Jimmy’s No. 43 who had five grill stations set up. We didn’t make it to all five but the Vietnamese sandwich one rocked my world.

Now it’s time to go make lunch to kick off my ‘Vegetable or die” week.


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“white sauce” was either goat cheese or goat yogurt


July 11, 2011

goat yogurt with horseradish? Maybe?


July 11, 2011

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