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Total 4th Ave. Immersion

July 18, 2011 ,

On Saturday someone stole my water bottle when I was in the bathroom at Rock Shop. So lame. I went to get it refilled, decided to pee and left it on the sink. When I came out it was gone. Who does that? Of all the things to steal. Of all the purses I’ve left unzipped and bags left unattended. Of all the ipods and phones I’ve dangled between my fingers while zoning in and out of sleep on the subway. Of all the coats I’ve left on chairs and forgotten scarves to be retrieved an hour later. Someone decides to take my bright yellow klean kanteen….

Despite that, Saturday was fun. L, M, S and I took in the Brooklyn Based 4th Ave. Immersion. I actually slept in on Saturday and Sunday if that gives you any idea about my mental state lately. But I was still able to rouse myself to get up to Cherry Tree for the card give out at noon. I was a little worried because a line had clearly just let out and I was only two minutes late. But I still managed to score enough cards to get us through the day.

The four bars participating were Cherry Tree, Pacific Standard, The Rock Shop and Mission Delores. For future reference – each immersion card has a check box for each bar participating. You get one free beer at each location. I think I’m retarded because I just assumed it was free beer all day. Not that we needed that. One at each place (+shot of tequila) was more than enough for the middle of the day.

We started out at Cherry Tree and the patio was perfect as always. We took advantage of the $1 off slice at South Brooklyn Pizza. Again – very good but so, so weird. Once we moved to Rock Shop, M & S went over to Oaxaca to grab us some $2 tacos. We tried out the chicken and the pork – the pork being far superior to the chicken, which was a bit dry, and the chunks too big. The pickled onions on top were fantastic. They have a $3 taco happy hour during the week, which I’m going to need to check out.

From there was Mission Delores. I wonder if anyone was actually able to take advantage of everything the Immersion offered. Everything was a really fantastic deal at cool places but we didn’t even have time to make it to Pacific Standard. Did you make it? What did you get to try out?


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