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David Burke Townhouse

July 20, 2011

Once in a blue moon this Brooklyn Girl makes it above 34th Street.

It’s very rare. I mean, I could probably count the number of times in the past year on one hand. And that is ok with me. I mean, it’s hot outside and it’s far. And while there are wonderful things like the Met and….Central Park how many times does one really need to go there? I have the Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park in my ‘back yard!’ Hahaaha yes, I do realize how I sound right now.

Anyways! Monday night was one of the rare nights and boy was it a treat. In case you didn’t know – it’s restaurant week! Which means – $35 for 3 courses at places where you would normally pay $35 + for an entrée alone.

M and P had the foresight to scour the menus right when the list was released and jump on the reservations for the David Burke Townhouse two (3?) weeks ago.

I can say that this, hands down is one of the best restaurant week experiences I’ve had. And I’ve had lots. I see restaurant week as a great way to check out places you normally wouldn’t pay full price for. You can then tuck away these places for a later date and a special occasion that calls for such prices and atmosphere. The problem is, is that most restaurants cut the service. Or the size. Or both and you leave feeling cheated and never want to return.

Which is upsetting.

This did not happen at the DBTH. First of all folks this place is kind of fancy. Fancy enough to where maybe I shouldn’t have walked the 2 miles from the office to get there in the summer heat. But it’s also very comfortable which leaves you with a strange conundrum.

Our biggest complaint was that the dining room was quite crowded but when I think back on it the size and lushness of the chairs created a nice barrier between tables. So much so, that the only thing I remember about the other patrons was what they were eating.

The food. The food was amazing. Upon sitting down we were treated to a cream puff with truffle mousse, which I am still dreaming about. No joke.

For the appetizer I went with the Burata Mozzarella – arugula, charred tomato, basil tapenade. (I could have sworn it was parsley!)

M, P, and Z went with Pretzel Crusted Crabcake with tomato orange chutney and poppy seed honey. Both were artistic pieces, hearty and memorable. The pretzel crusted crab cake had a wonderful crunch and my mozzarella was fresh and light, like a cloud in my mouth. Again still thinking about this mozzarella too.

For the entrees M and I went with the handmade cavatelli & braised short ribs with wild mushrooms, mushroom chips and more truffle mousse (!). This was a big dish. The short ribs were very rich initially and it was amped up a bit by the addition of the truffle mousse on top. No this is not a bad thing. The cavatelli was tender and plentiful, mixing wonderfully with the wild mushrooms while the mushroom chips added a Parmesan like consistency to the pasta. I don’t believe they added much in taste though.

P went with the Casco Bay Cod with baby fennel, kalamata olives, clams and liquid chorizo. Despite the term liquid chorizo, this is a very light dish. Delicious but not recommended for growing boys.

Z went with the Steamed Mussels with spicy lamb sausage with coconut couscous. This was probably the simplest of the dishes and what I considered to be one of the best. The lamb sausage was a great kick to the mild taste of the mussels. The broth was rich, delicious and the coconut couscous – the unexpected twist to the meal.

Dessert was a whole other ballgame, most of them being very sweet – almost too sweet for my tastes. I can DO sweet so when a dish is too much it really says something.

I went with the Hot Strawberry shortcake Sunday with spiced pound cake, honey roasted almonds and torrone ice cream. A warm strawberry syrup of some kind was poured over the dish. Z went with the chocolate mousse, which was light and beautiful on the plate. M and P split the cheesecake lollipop tree. You can get the signature tree for a $10 supplement or in lieu of two desserts. It was more than enough for two people.

You can see the full RW menu here but jump on reservations now if you want to eat there next month. This place clearly fills up quickly and is worth the advance planning. RW only goes through July 24th but is usually extended at most places. Happy Eating!


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