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Heaven on Wooster street – DVF

July 22, 2011 ,

Last night I went shopping. Kind of. I didn’t mean to! I’ve really been trying not to. But I had a voucher for the DVF store and I would really loathe myself if it had expired. So I went before I got dinner with L at Cellar 58. (This place is weird – don’t go.)

Just for today we’re going to steer from food a bit and talk about clothes. The main reason being that I had a really awesome time at the DVF Soho store and I think everyone should know about it.

To my girlfriends it’s no secret that I’ve been wearing DVF clothes for a while now. But it is rare when I pay full price. M, L and I’s twice yearly DVF sample sale excursions keep me well stocked in dresses and (after this year) sweaters at 75% off. I could really ask for little more.

The sale is always funny because we three have totally different body types but it is rare when we find a DVF dress that doesn’t look good on all of us. Each different, each equally stunning in a DVF dress. It’s hard for me to describe how a DVF dress makes me feel but in one word – a woman. While yes, DUH I am a woman but when I slip a wrap dress around me or pull on one of her silk jersey prints I feel everything. It’s like ecstasy in a dress form. My hips are smoother, my stomach flatter, my skin glows and I think just for an hour or two that my hair actually does look better. I know I know but seriously – This is what a dress should do!

Moving on to the DVF Soho store….

This is not me - ha! Sure did feel like it in that dress though.

This place is heaven. While the clothes will generally do it for me, the people working there were so freaking nice so I couldn’t shut up about it over dinner. Seriously. As soon as I walked in the door, I had two people greet me and then a third as I walked through the store. As soon as I looked at a dress, I was asked what size I needed and it was immediately put in the dressing room. Within 15 minutes, I had 10 dresses to try on. It was all too much!

It was all too much in a really great way. While generally I find such attention annoying, the ladies at the DVF store did in way that it was like shopping with your best friend.

Jenny L asked me what I was shopping for. Work or a wedding? Did I want something more casual or dressy? Something more for everyday? Did I need something just for the summer or something that would transition into fall?

And then I almost swooned when she said, “Oh, we don’t have your size in that dress but I did grab you this one instead. I think it will go great with your eyes!”

Really I just needed something that wouldn’t break the bank. The sample sale did me in big time this year and I have a few trips coming up. Never mind the heat and the thought of buying the now available fall line.

Even the heat was taken into consideration.

‘Emily, now I know it’s hot outside. Would you like some water??’ as she added two more pairs of pants to my pile.

As I walked around the store in these, one of the other ladies told me I looked very cute without gushing. Just very matter of a fact. Like “Duh of course you look cute but just in case you didn’t know!”

I wanted to crawl up in that store and stay forever.

If I had the bank account I would have walked out of there with everything. But instead I was strong and went with the shorts. I felt bad, as though I had led Jenny L on but in the end, I did what needed to be done to protect my credit line. But now, I know where to go. Sure, I’ll be back for special occasions but at least I know that I’ll be taken care of. And when you’re spending money, no matter the amount, on something you should be.

Take note Barney’s Co-Op. TAKE NOTE. You could learn a few things.


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