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sunflower greens + my morning smoothie.

July 23, 2011

Since summer started, I’ve been taking advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free end of day deal at the greens table at the market. To be honest, what really happens is, I get these 3 tubs of greens and eat my mint while the other two go bad. Shame on me! I know. I get a deal and then end up actually paying twice the normal amount because I don’t eat the other stuff and it goes bad. This doesn’t ALWAYS happen but I can say it’s happened once…or three times.

I wanted this week to be different! So I in addition to the normal, I got arugula (that’s easy to eat!) and then some sunflower greens. Yeah, I know. What am I going to do with sunflower greens? Well, I wasn’t too sure until this morning when I decided on throwing those suckers in my morning smoothie. God, sometimes I really don’t recognize myself.

Anyways, it was delicious. I used half the normal amount of oats and almond butter because I’m getting brunch today and just wanted something to hold me over. Here’s the recipe – enjoy!

1 c.nonfat milk
¼ c. sunflower greens
¾ c. chopped strawberries
¼ c. chopped mango
2 tbsp raw oats
8 mint leaves (more or less depending on your preference)
1 tbsp organic raw almond butter

I came across the raw almond butter while shopping at yet another over priced market in Park Slope. They had it for 50% off and I have to say that I love it way more than the roasted almond butter. That’s just too bad because it’s too pricey otherwise.

Happy Saturday people. Stay out of the heat or in the water. But not the water that is anywhere near the Hudson and that wonderful sewage leak. I will be as far out as possible in Rockaway today.


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