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Problems with authority – a weekend in review.

July 25, 2011

Friday – Coney Island.

What was up with the cops on Friday night? Ok, now I know it is technically illegal to drink on the beach. BUT, it’s been done before and no one’s gotten hurt. I mean, if it’s in a paper bag, how can one just ASSUME that it’s alcohol?? And seriously – what kind of trouble are three girls and a gay going to get into?

Anyways, these freaking cops on Friday night were on their ridiculous little golf cart with bright ass headlights, weaving in and out of people’s blankets shining flashlights on everyone. I mean there has to be more effective ways of doing that.

And they didn’t just weave through once the entire night; they continued to do it on the same path the whole evening. EXCEPT for when the fireworks were going on. That’s when they decided to park it two feet from our blanket and basically blow their cigarette ashes on us. Hello – is it NOT illegal to smoke on the beach?

Our main problem was not that they were trying to get people who were drinking illegally but that they were doing in such a fashion that it basically ruined our night and everyone else’s. I’ve never seen NYPD act in such a way. You know what’s not relaxing? Hanging out at a beach that is already mad gross while having gas fumes blown in your face every 10 minutes. So nice after a 10 mile bike ride!

Any idea why there was such an increase in surveillance? I’ve never seen it this bad.

Saturday – Rockaway Beach

Saturday was a fantastic day for the most part. While Caracas Arepa Bar rocked our world (more on that tomorrow) the day can pretty much be summed up by my experience with the Park Police. Just to give you a little background – I cannot pee in water. I’ve never been able to. And yes, I’ve tried. So around 7pm after an afternoon of drinking beer we decide to use the restroom. Closed. After walking up and down the boardwalk with no luck, C and I decide to use the water. I am unable to so approach the Park Police.

“Excuse me do you know if there is an open bathroom?” I ask.

“You’re wet,” the Park Policeman states. “Have you been in the water?”

“Yes, about a half an hour ago,” I say.

“Well, you’re not supposed to be in the water past 6.” He says looking at his watch.

“Well, sorry didn’t know. I’m out now.” I say glancing at the dozens of other people still in the water. “Is there a bathroom?”

“Nope all closed,” the woman says. “We holdin’ our pee too.”

“You can always go in the water,” the man says.


How was your weekend?


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