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Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center

August 5, 2011

Wednesday night I took an artisanal ice cream sandwich class at Ger-Nis culinary and herb center. I know this sounds ridiculous ok? When I told J at the office it was immediately followed by “Oh you people in Brooklyn are just so cute!” and a little punch on the shoulder.

But, I was excited and that’s all that matters. While there were a few simple things on the menu that I knew would bore me to death, there was also tomato, bacon and basil ice cream sandwiches on the menu. And Carrot & Ginger cream cheese ice cream baby ice cream sandwiches.

The class was small, about eight or nine women of varying backgrounds – the friendliest not being the girl I was standing next to. She was not interested in being engaged in any kind of conversation at all. I also got in late because of the stupid R train. So I was stuck in the corner of the counter and had to keep leaning on the counter so I wouldn’t hit my head on the side cupboard. So between that and dodging the hair flicks of “Girl next to me with a Huge Rock on Finger” I was having a rough night. (Kind of like how I’m having a rough morning. A little bit too much wine last night at dinner. Teensy bit too too much.)

I was really interested in this one girl who was peeling, zesting, chopping all with the same knife. Even the teacher tried to give her a Microplane and she said “no thank you” going on with the carrot, ginger and whatever else with her tiny paring knife. It was mesmerizing…

Moving along! My main reason for taking the class was the basil ice cream. I’ve wanted to try it without having to make it first. Last thing I want to do is end up with a quart of gross ice cream. It would be too depressing to deal with.

And I am happy to report that Basil Ice cream is in fact kind of gross. As a matter of a fact, all of this savory ice cream hoopla is kind of gross. No, I do not want mini carrot ginger ice cream sandwiches in my freezer thank you very much. I will take the ginger ice cream yes. Please leave the carrots for my salad. Or at the back of my fridge until they go bad.

The only savory bit I really enjoyed was the Gazpacho Granita and I will be coming back to you with reports on that one. Basically, it’s a gazpacho recipe blended and then poured into a flat cookie tray. It’s then frozen and scraped with a fork every 10-15 minutes until an icy granite if formed.

While we had it over a cucumber, the teacher perked my interest when mentioning a spicy version with horseradish over oysters. I’ve had a slight obsession with oysters lately, really wanting to buy and shuck my own. And when that actually happens, so with this Gazpacho Granita.

The night was not a complete loss. I had a few questions answered all for half the price, thank you very much Living Social. All right, off to work. Happy Friday!

The kitchen the workshop took place in was pretty neat and there was another blogger present who writes about Brooklyn Spaces. You can see her write up here: Brooklyn Spaces

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