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Kaz An Nou = Delicious

August 7, 2011 ,

On Thursday I had a delicious, delicious meal at Kaz An Nou in Park Slope. I know I may say that a lot but this place completely blew me away. It had everything going for it. Ambiance, food, service and BYOB!

First off, this place is TINY. Seating maybe 20-25 people tops, Kaz An Nou is a practice in patience. We got there just in time, only waiting maybe 10 minutes for the waiter to clear a table for us. I feel sorry for anyone who came after us. The great joy in this place was that there was no rush. Between P, L and I, we finished off a LARGE bottle of chardonnay and a regular bottle of rose. I really had no concept of time between when we went in and when we left. It was as though we were transported to a lovely little place where time doesn’t matter.

While I could maybe, just maybe sense other people waiting it’s really blurry. And that is such a beautiful thing. There was no rush whatsoever. The server was great with a very nice smile. Very friendly, putting our wine in the fridge and comping us a beet and cream pop when he thought our dessert was taking too long. (I didn’t even remember ordering it..)

And the food! Man, the food was great! A French Caribbean combo, everything was spiced to perfection and cooked unbelievably well. The inventive menu is quite small leaving little room for mistakes and it was exciting to see that there were none.

We started off with:

Poire et Blue – Maple Roasted pear w/ blue cheese
Avocat Farci – stuffed avocado w/ mushrooms, shallots and emmental cheese
Escargots – in a spicy curry garlic butter

The escargots blew my mind. The spicy curry garlic butter was not your traditional yellow or red curry but an islandly jerk curry that I now believe should go on everything in the entire world. It was that good. The Maple Roasted Pear was great and the most interesting thing about the stuffed avocado is that the skin was completely edible and delicious. I never thought I would encounter that.

For our main courses L and I went with the Poulet a l’Estragon – Smoked jerk chicken breast with goat cheese, tarragon, and honey sauce. P went with the West Indian style burger with sautéed mushroom & shallot. You may ask yourself “How different can a burger be?” Well, rub it in the same curry spices that went into the Escargot and you will see. His fries were sweet as though soaked in sugar water. Delicious. Our chicken was perfection – smokey, juicy, and spicy. The coconut rice a perfect compliment. I could have used a few more green beans (it only came with 4) but really, I can’t complain.

We ended with the chocolate cake with a cayenne pepper cream. Good lord that was good. While generally chocolate cake is chocolate cake, this was actually very special.

One word – Love.

Kaz An Nou was priced reasonably. Most entrees being $15. In the end we ended up paying $30/person with tip included. Not bad for all we ate. You can see the full menu here.


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