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A Beast of a Time

September 8, 2011 ,

I’m a little late writing about this seeing as how it happened during my lovely little hiatus but I’ll continue anyways because this place is still in business.

M, J and I hit up Beast during the Brooklyn Based Vanderbilt Immersion. God, it was a great day. The weather was awesome and (sans a my quick disco nap on my couch) we were out all day. Like noon – 2am and I have never had such a great late night slice as I had that night at South Brooklyn Pizza. I still have major issues with that place but open and good is open and good at 2am.

Anyways, Beast. This place needs to get it together. We were excited about eating here. I mean, look at this menu!

Rock Shrimp and Cheesy Polenta…Chorizo Hash…Smoked Ham and Asiago Cheese…

Looks good right? Well, get all of that out of your mind.

We were sat right away when we got in. We had a bit of confusion regarding the Immersion goods. We couldn’t remember if it was unlimited mimosas/bloody marys or a free bottle of Brooklyn Brewery’s Local 1. Well, when the waitress came and asked if we wanted a mimosa or bloody Mary right off the bat we assumed the latter and went with it.

After what seemed to be hours we were still waiting on our second. Finally able to trip one of the waitresses and get someone’s attention we asked for our second. Did she say.. “Oh, I’ll tell your waitress.” Or…. “It’s not a problem.” Or… “Sure! Give me one second.” No. We got an abrupt “Who’s your waitress?” And then she walked away not in the direction of the waitress or the bar, which was impressive for a place that small.

Finally we found our actual waitress and then we were told it was not unlimited at the tables, only at the bar that was a mere two feet away. She then walked away without a word not even noticing our empty coffee or water cups. Ok….

While we waiting on food I pulled up the Immersion stuff on my phone and found that we were actually supposed to get a free bottle of beer with the cards. So we found another waitress. This one looked like she had at least some coherence of the day. You know…eye contact and all that. We worked it out and then after a bit of confusion with no glasses, we had our beer. And then our food!

But no forks.

Then we got forks! God we were so excited. I was ready to eat the table.

M and J’s was quite good. They both got the chorizo hash, which had Spicy Chorizo and Diced Potatoes Topped with Two Poached Eggs, and Chipotle Hollandaise.
I went with the Ham and Cheese – Sourdough Bread, Two Poached Eggs, Tomato and Avocado Salsa Mine was fine if you like cold food. It had the potential to be good but it was not meant to be. It was also a bit small for an all day bar hopping extravaganza, which might explain how the day unfolded.

I will not be going back here. Ever. While I am generally of the camp that if the food is good, I don’t care if the service is rude/awful as long as I get what I need. This place took it about 10 steps to far. Plus it was a bit expensive to at least not get 1 free drink with brunch. We ended up getting charged for the original drinks even though the waitress screwed it up. By the end, we had no fight left in us. There are very few places in New York where I’ve actually had BAD service. I mean, really really really bad service. And this is one of them.

Have you been to Beast? What was your experience?

Check out Yelp reviews here.


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