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Fashion’s Night Out

September 9, 2011

Last night was pretty fabulous. It was one of those nights where you know things are just going to be ridiculous but you go out anyways. INTO IT.

Of course this lasted a short time for me. I generally avoid things like this all together. Halloween? Oh no way. New Year’s Eve? Never. But Fashion’s Night Out is a different story. A citywide distraction, FNO is a promise of crowds yes but also of free champagne. A shit ton of it. And maybe, just maybe free stuff.

Last year L and I ended up at Bloomingdale’s uptown. It was surprise for sure ending in the men’s section getting free cigars and drinking free freshly made Manhattan’s until we were bursting. God what a pleasant little New York surprise.

Anyways, this year we decided to stay downtown in Soho and I plotted out our route. Betsy Johnson had free champagne and free cupcakes. We lined up at 6 quickly disappointed with the small glasses and the pace at which the cupcakes were being replenished.

After giggling at the dancing models in the window, we hopped over to DVF where we were treated to more champagne and a few bites. No one was eating there so there were plenty of treats for us. The champagne was quite good and served in actual champagne glasses, which made me love DVF even more than I already do. And I learned that the dress of my life is on sale, albeit, not on sale enough.

The treat of the night happened here when Ms. DVF herself showed up. I, of course, didn’t have enough nerve to do anything but gawk at her like a schoolgirl with a crush. She is just so wonderful. Seeing her was inspiring and I don’t really ever say things like that. Like ever. But it was so refreshing to see that she actually looks like she does in photos. Lines and all, looking like a real person, fabulous in her fringe boots, spraying her perfume on everyone that walked by.

And I’ll stop there with that portion of the show.

The rest of the evening was also a great success. We skirted down to Journelle for their gift bag. We were a bit early so we hung out next door Agent Provocateur (what great neighbors!) drinking more champagne and deciding that we all need corsets. It was rather nice in there.

The icing on the cupcake (that should have been at Betsy Johnson) was the free gift bag at Journelle. Lord knows I spend enough money there so it was nice to get a few treats which included a free bottle of lingerie wash (that I actually use), a travel bag (which I will use), two pairs of cute undies, a mirror and some clothing tape (always helpful).

Oh another day I will regale you with my love for Journelle but for now, I have to get to work. Did you make it to Fashion’s Night Out last night? Where did you go? Where was the best free swag?


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