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Sweet Sweet Palo Cortado

September 13, 2011

Last week P and I had ventured under the Gowanus Bridget and into Cobble Hill for tapas at Palo Cortado and god was it delicious.

I had a Groupon (duh) and wasn’t really expecting much as I tend to not with these things. What a pleasant surprise because this is one of the best Spanish places I’ve eaten at in New York. Everything was awesome – the service and the food were impeccable. Even the lotion in the bathroom was nice.

We had several dishes compliments of the Groupon – $25 for 4 tapas plus an appetizer. We started off with Patatas Bravas – fried potatoes with aioli and Rioja sauce. These were a great staple throughout the meal. Generally I feel as though this dish is too large, the potatoes cut too big, the sauce too heavy. Here, the Patatas Bravas were cut into 1/2 inch cubes, dollops of the aioli and Rioja sauce placed precariously throughout the dish and on top of the cubes. They were a great accompaniment to the rest of the dishes.

Which happened to also perfect. Next up we had the Gambas en Salsa Verde – pached shrimp with green sauce, avocado, and crispy chorizo. Then came the Croquetas where we had one of each: Goat cCheese & truffle honey, jamon & Piquillo Sauce and the Bacalao & salsa verde.

The third dish was the least impressive but still good – the Empanada: homemade dough stuffed with flank stead and tetilla cheese with an avacado crème fraiche. P and I were both excited about the homemade dough but the flank steak was underwhelming. It was actually pulled, which I think it strange for flank steak. It’s so thin already. We were both expecting cubes of steak, flaky, flaky dough. Meh.

The last dish was the Pulp a la Gallega – Spanish Octopus, fingerling potatoes, pimenton vinaigrette. This was my favorite by far. The octopus perfectly charred and laid on top of a bed of potatoes. The dish was large and quite filling after the feast we had already had.

Can I just say that it wasn’t just the service that was impeccable but also the timing. We were given one, two dishes at a time max, starting with the lightest and ending with the heaviest. God, I wish all tapas places were like that.

Of course the dessert menu came. We decided that we would be fools to stop now and finished off with the churros and chocolate and the Galician almond cake. God that cake was good. Seriously, I will be trying to replicate this cake. Stay tuned for that and in the mean time, head over to Palo Cortado. I hope you have as nice of a time as we did.

You can check out P’s yelp review here.


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