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Under the Archway

September 19, 2011

On Friday night M and I went to the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge for the Brooklyn Flea/Dumbo Improvement District collaboration. I’m not sure if you know, but alcohol is not allowed under the Bridge in this space. So, with that in mind, any type of opportunity to drink beer there is an awesome thing to take part in.

The Archway is a great space. My company actually held an event there and it was great. It was one of our most well attended events, even without beer. (Imagine that!) I think it’s one of New York’s best spaces. The view is incredible. (duh) A good sound system drowns out (most) of the noise from the trains. The bridge can block out most rain and causes a nice little breeze.

Despite all of that, the Brooklyn Flea bit on Friday was ‘meh’.

The beer was expensive coming in at $6 for a tiny cup. (Think Habana Outpost size = $2.75.) There were children EVERYWHERE. Seriously people it looked like there was a preschool that came by. The parents probably told the teachers to just drop the kids off their instead of going to pick up them up. M and I were tripping over children by the time we decided to leave. They were literally running through the bridge from one end to the other non-stop. Clearly they had set up a little relay race for themselves.

The food of course was great but not worth it in the scheme of things. Landhaus was there serving their BLT’s, lamb burgers and bacon skewers. They were out of the lamb burgers by the time we got to it so we went with a skewer ($3) and a BLT ($6) splitting both.

I can’t say much about the bacon skewer. I mean, it is a bacon skewer after all but it was really, really good bacon. About two inches long, slightly sweet with maple syrup with a bite of spices sprinkled on top – it was delicious. (Maybe one can say a lot about bacon?) Same goes with the BLT. The bacon was thick, probably coming in at just under a ½ inch. The tomato was perfect and the herb mayo was a nice touch.

You can find Laudhaus at Smorgasburg on Saturdays in Williamsburg. Mile End was also there debuting their Asian fare with smoked Peking Duck and Chinese broccoli as well as Brooklyn Oyster Party and Rachel’s Pie’s (who I think was gone by the time we were there?)

All in all the night was a success but I can’t say I would put it into my regular rotation especially when Superfine right up the street at $3 beers for Happy Hour.


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