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Concord Grapes and My Sunday Afternoon

October 3, 2011

It turns out that what everyone says is true. Taking the seeds out of concord grapes is a bit pain in the rear. Nothing has told me that I need to reassess my life more than this. Is this really what I’m doing on a Sunday afternoon? But I’m sick (I know, gross.) and after spending the morning working the New Yorker festival, I could do nothing but cancel whatever other plans I had for the day and wallow miserably on the couch.

But, I was getting bored on the couch. After this massive summer, I’m realizing that my tolerance for lounging on the couch has been cut in about half. No this is not a bad thing but when I’m sick, I should be laying there drinking tea. Not cutting grapes in half and taking about seeds.

Nonetheless, that’s what I did. There’s really no easy way to do this. I sharpened my paring knife to the point where I could potentially cut off my fingers if something slipped. Then you cut the sucker in half and then use the tip of your knife to pull out the little sack of seeds. Concord grapes are a real bitch because they can have one seed or up to four seeds. Good times!!

For some reason I had thought to take some frozen focaccia dough out the freezer before I left in the morning. While I knew this dough should only be used as a starter, I did not use it as such. Of course by the time I got home, I was tired. Groggy. Cranky. The last thing I wanted to do was make bread. So I decided to take the 2 pouches of defrosted starter to make a small loaf of focaccia.

People this does not work. The starter did not rise on it’s own. I suppose it needed the added oomph from kneading. Never mind the goodies I added on top. In the end, I had a dense, heavy focacia tart(?).

Lesson learned.

Next we’ll try something a bit more…user friendly. Have a good Monday!


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