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Cleaning and Pruning

October 7, 2011

This weekend I have nothing exciting planned.

So I’m going to clean. And prune my plants. (And yes, I know how that sounds. But really, my basil plants need some loving and I’m almost to the bottom of my frozen pesto.)

There are a few major things that need to happen so I’m going to launch a full scale Fall organizing attack. I did some basic cleaning last weekend and realized I still have a garbage bad full of clothes from my spring-cleaning hanging out just waiting to be taken to Good Will. This is a problem.

The first and most major thing on the list. My closet. I don’t have much of a closet and it is in my living room, which is problematic. My goal last weekend was to get it as empty as possible. I dropped off my laundry and dry cleaning but I have not picked it up yet. I’m working my way to the bottom of the supply and then I can really get down to business.

This weekend, things will get done. I am almost caught up on my Fall TV pilots, I’m too sick to be drinking and/or riding my bike and there are no food festivals.

Wish me luck. Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend – whatever you may be doing!


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