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Friday night at Forcella

October 9, 2011

After seeing a friend’s production at the Brick theatre, on Friday, a group of us went to Forcella for pizza. I originally read about Forcella in a Tasting Table newsletter and tucked it away for a later date like I do with most things I want to try out in Williamsburg. I never go, so when I do, I tend to pull out the most random of things and try to do them all in one night.

Friday night of course, was an exception. I still have one foot in the deathbed but I had been harassing the group about Forcella since I found out the play was in Williamsburg. It was necessary we go.

Tasting Table boasted of their deep fried pizza (yeah I know), the oven imported from Italy on a cargo ship and their chef, Giulio Adriani a four-time world pizza champion (whatever that means) who has been making pizza since he was 13.

Just the term ‘deep fried pizza’ was enough to peek my interest and keep it peaked for a few weeks. And I’m glad it did. This is one of the most memorable pizza experiences I’ve had in the city yet. Roberta’s is coming in a close second but really, it’s a different beast.

I basically wanted to eat the entire menu but we were in a big group and no one was ready to take charge so we stuck with pizzas. Even then, we had to push the ordering duties to J who reluctantly took them over.

The pizzas are light. B wanted six. The rest of the table wanted three seeing as how it was late. We compromised with five and once we were finished, admitted our wrongs and handed the crown to B because the pizzas were indeed personal size.

The Margherita came out first and was the least impressive of the bunch. The crust was a bit soggy in the middle but the tomatoes robust, the cheese homemade and I wasn’t bothered too much by it.

Next came the San Gregorio (mozzarella, pesto, truffle, tomato), which was great but also confusing. The pie was halved, one side with pesto and one side with tomato. The table was convinced it was wrong but it was too perfect to be a mistake. This doesn’t seem like the place to do half pizzas. I ended up with a tomato side, which was very good, the truffle taste palatable, but people lucky enough to get the pesto were pleased far more than the tomato side.

We also order the special – a white pizza with Fig, Gorgonzola, prosciutto. This was incredible. I mean, my taste buds were not in full working order but this pizza blew my mind. The bite of the Gorgonzola was perfect against the sweetness of the figs. The prosciutto: perfectly spread over the pie, thin, tender and easy to pull apart. I want that pizza right now.

We ended with the Vomero (homemade mozzarella, ham, cream corn, Grana) and the Ripieno Classico (tomato, smoked mozzerella, ricotta and soppressata). (FYI Grana is a hard cheese from Northern Italy with a granular texture. Thank you Wikipedia.) The Vomero pizza was way more enjoyable that expected. We ordered it for kicks and ended up pleased as pie. (Get it, pie? Har har.) The Classico was off of the Pizza Fritte section and the table quickly decided that it was a fried dough calzone, missing only the powdered sugar on top. It was good but seemed really unnecessary. The sweetness of the dough was not expected and a bit strange. I don’t get it. Next time I’ll go for the Montanara, which seems more traditional – fried pizza Margherita.

One of the best things about all of the pizzas was the crust. It really was the best crust I’ve ever had. Airy, slight chewy – not too thick. And flavorful. Incredibly flavorful. I wasn’t tired of it even as we all finished our last slice, which really says something.

I really cannot wait to go back here and try the pasta and dessert. Everything is made in house, the cheese made daily. It’s currently BYOB, which is amazing and won’t last forever. They are currently working on their liquor license as well as their second location off of Bowery.


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