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Prosciutto and Camembert

October 12, 2011

Terrific TV Tuesday actually happened on a Tuesday this weekend! I know shocker. After being culinary blocked all day at work, I was determined to do something good for dinner. While we chatted about fresh pasta from Eataly, I remembered the dish we shared there a month ago that was just so, so delicious. Tagliatelle, in a white wine butter sauce with heirloom tomatoes. “I can do this,” I thought.

Turns out, we kind of actually can and did. And quite successfully I might add. The fresh ravioli from the Eataly fresh pasta bar was great and the fresh sage I snagged from C’s bag before we parted ways was the added touch it needed.

While I did the pasta, M whipped up some toasted bread rubbed with truffle oil, topped with prosciutto and a variety of cheeses (our favorite being the Camembert). It turns out that Camembert, a surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese, is the best thing ever with prosciutto. It has the extra bite that’s lacking from Brie with the same smooth texture.

We are so fancy sometimes it kills me. What did you do anything fun last night?


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