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The BK Life on the Road

October 22, 2011 ,

Over the next week or so I’ll be out of town in various places, so as my co-worker suggested I will be doing the Breukelen Life abroad. I haven’t had too much time to have a life at home so this is perfect. Enjoy my travels as I hope too. This post is coming a bit late but nonetheless still relevant!
I was tasked recently with planning an event in Atlanta with basically no budget. I was tormented with the food, waiting until a few days beforehand until finally deciding on something.

We weren’t allowed alcohol, so I wanted to the food to be interesting, fun, something to talk about. Unfortunately, you don’t get that that often with catering food. Delicious as it can be, it can also be boring, trite and extremely expensive.

I’ve been so happy with our recent foray into food truck catering. In New York the food is upscale yet approachable and cost efficient for a person on a budge. The food trucks are more than willing to corporate – check out Sigmund’s Pretzels and the Treat Truck for great options. But in Atlanta, the food trucks are not as common. Don’t get me wrong, they are there but it’s just different. The community is sparse and the food truck business still isn’t as keyed into what they can accomplish.

The world is your oyster people! Thank goodness for the Good Food Truck in Atlanta. The Good Food Truck is the 2011 Winner for Creative Loafing Best Food Truck. And they are best known for their creative street food. I was taken with their Good Food Truck Trike and the price. We ended up catering a party for $12/person including water and their specialty, homemade ginger limeade. You can’t beat that. Never mind the quick setup and the friendly service!

Their food is inspired by local southern comfort, Asian, Mexican, and Indian flavors. Which is perfect for Atlanta considering those are the major nationalities presented in the Atlanta population. The Good Food Truck uses fresh ingredients from local farms, which I think is just great and unfortunately hard to find in the A-town.

For our event we had their Parmesan cones with lentils and butternut squash. The Parmesan cones are to die for. They are like the best dipping chip ever which makes sense that they make giant cones out of them and fill them to the brim with good for you goodies.

We also went with three platters of their rice crispy treats – The Indian w/ curry, coconut and candied fennel, Mexican Chocolate w/ cocoa crispies, chipotle and lime and the Spanish w/ marcona almonds, figs and smoked paprika. The Mexican Chocolate was a treat! The rest were interesting enough to try. I wouldn’t want to eat the whole platter but they are a great party favor!

You can find more information on the Good Food Truck here. They have a ton of options, all easy for carrying and mingling. You check out all their great Yelp reviews here.


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